Celebrities who were called out by Katt Williams are doomed if they stay silent and doomed if they address the disparaging comments, according to comedian Lavell Crawford.

The BET “ComicView” alum is not among the handful of comedy professionals who were blasted for various alleged infractions by Williams, but, like many others, he had a perspective to contribute to the viral discourse.

The “Breaking Bad” Screen Actors Guild Award recipient was on Instagram Live with fans on Friday (Jan. 5) when he was asked his thoughts about Williams’ tirade against peers on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast two days prior.

Crawford began, “I think Katt, he just gon’ talk. He one of them cats, man, he ain’t afraid of nobody. He say what’s on his mind, and he probably had some confrontations.” The stand-up act would go on to suggest that the rift between the Friday After Next breakout star and the likes of Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey and others could be the result of Williams feeling as though his career was eclipsed by men he was on the stand-up circuit with.

“You gotta remember, the more the money go up in your life, the more the… spite comes out of other people. And if y’all all on the same [scene]… See, the one thing about Black entertainers, we think it’s only one bag. We don’t even understand… We think it’s just one bag and that’s how all these beefs come up,” said Crawford. The entertainer also addressed joke stealing, an issue Williams blasted Cedric The Entertainer over.

“When Katt talked about his experiences, and some of it might be far fetched, and it might be [that] some of it’s comedy, you know, he a comedian, and you be thinkin’ everything he says is beef, and some of the stuff he probably got beef with. He knows these people,” he continued. In the end, Crawford said that those who have spoken out to debunk the Emmy winner’s version of the truth about how Hollywood deals are made and the shady business of success were only adding fuel to the fire.

“Comedians that he named, when you chime in on stuff, it just makes it more valid,” he declared. “You know if it ain’t true, you know all the money you got and all the blessings you got, why you on Instagram going, ‘Oh, that ain’t true. That ain’t true’? You making yourself look guilty.”

Hear Crawford’s full remarks below.