In 2022, Pooh Shiesty was sentenced to five years and three months in prison, so the rapper unfortunately won’t be spending this Christmas as a free man. However, he graced fans with a new song titled “Federal Contraband 2 (Freestyle)” today (Dec. 25).

It serves as a sequel to his 2021 record of the same name. On the track, the Memphis native rapped, “Way more famous than they know it/ I’m way more dangerous than they know it/ I killed some gangsters and they/ Alright, let’s switch it up/ My h** caught up in the streets ‘fore they put me back in some cuffs/ I’m your favorite rapper, favorite jacker, they wanna be us.”

Check out the song below.

Last year, Shiesty pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges regarding an October 2020 shooting in South Florida. He was originally facing eight years for shooting 28-year-old Brandon Cooper but took a plea deal in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Prosecutors also asked a federal judge to require the “SUVs (Black on Black)” artist and his co-defendants to pay the two victims over $1 million based on medical reports. However, his attorney contested the “judicial shakedown” given the men were both armed.

In September, Shiesty shared an update on his wellbeing from behind bars. He wrote, “Just [ordered] two Ferraris off a jail call. I’m [really] rich. Make sure you make [her] cover my name up before you keep the b**ch.”

In a separate post the following month, Shiesty called out snitches with a rat emoji placed over the face of a man he posed with. The caption read, “I represent the ones [that] ain’t [never] fold. I smash on rats that told, known for pushing a hard line. Ain’t never went, won’t never go Baby Graveyard. Behind my name, the whole [of] Memphis know! Yeah, he might [have been] Choppa Gang, but he won’t never CMO.”

The musician is currently expected to come home in July 2027.