Young Dolph’s partner, Mia Jaye, revealed that she is frustrated with the lack of communication regarding the case surrounding the Memphis rapper’s death.

During an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, that was published on the two year anniversary of his killing, Jaye explained how her silence was taken for granted by law enforcement. “I’m fed up. It’s been two years’ worth of conspiracies. Two years’ worth of unknowing. Two years’ worth of people not properly communicating to you,” she said. “I didn’t know if garnering more attention would hurt or help, and I wanted to help. I feel like I tried that, and I don’t feel like it was helping. I feel like we weren’t being taken seriously.”

The mother-of-two revealed that she urged fans and followers on social media to write letters to Memphis Police, Shelby County prosecutors and federal officials, demanding “the answers Dolph deserves.” Jaye added that she reached her breaking point back in October when she had to find out through the media that the judge overseeing the case was ordered to remove himself by the Tennessee appeals court. She said prosecutors didn’t reach out to her about it until days later.

“All I’m asking for is that they regard the family to the point where we at least get information first, before anyone else does. If I continue to be silent, it might get to the place where all of my grievances will have to be acknowledged in an appeal process. That can’t happen. We’ve got to be assertive in this situation. We have to make sure we tackle issues as they come and not turn a blind eye and then try to go back later to keep fighting this thing,” she continued.

As previously reported by REVOLT, on Nov. 17, 2021, Dolph was gunned down in Memphis, Tennessee. The 36-year-old was reportedly purchasing cookies at Makeda’s Butter Cookies when a car drove up to the storefront, and shots were fired.