Shock value is the name of the game when it comes to the entertainment industry, particularly, in the 2020s when viral moments, clout-chasing, and the ease of sharing awe-inducing content are necessary in order to stay relevant and booked.

There’s no wonder why influencers and celebrities are becoming increasingly more open, unrestricted and bold, especially those who have been in the limelight for years. Enter Kevin Gates, who first hit the scene in 2007.

Over the years, the rapper has made headlines for the outlandish, outrageous, and just plain-odd statements he’s made on stage or in interviews. His antics have even come to involve fans — who are surprisingly willing to participate in some of the filthiest acts we’ve seen. Whether it’s a quip about his sexual appetite or a quick U.S. history rewrite, what happens in the deepest corners of Kevin Gates’ mind always makes its way to public consciousness.

Check out our list of 12 Kevin Gates quotes that will make your jaw drop. Check them out below… if you are up for them.

1. “I love for a woman to piss in my mouth”

Golden Showers used to be a taboo topic of unspoken eroticism, but many celebrities have been more vocal about indulging in this kink. Gates opened up about his love for women urinating in his mouth in a February 2023 podcast interview with Houston-based podcast “Fancy Talk Show.”

“I love for a woman to piss in my mouth. That’s beautiful,” he said. “I had a woman pee in a cup while we were driving and I drunk it because it was nothing — I was so infatuated with this woman to where it was just nothing about her that was nasty.”

2. “I don’t raise p**sies”

In an October social media post, Kevin Gates showed off a proud papa moment while teaching his 10-year-old daughter to drive in his Ram TRX truck. The duo was not in a parking lot, but the open road with other cars as the proud dad urged her to “give it a little gas.” Gates reassured her by saying, “You keep that motherf*cker in your lane. That car will stay in their lane.” Some followers were encouraged by the video and the heartwarming caption attached, but many noticed that the child was not wearing a seatbelt. In response, Gates decided to clap back at one user saying “I don’t raise [p**sies]” in response to the suggestion that the child buckles up.

3. “I started speaking the truth. I haven’t been sick since.”

Kevin Gates has been open about his spiritual journey and often blends his deep Muslim faith with metaphysical concepts. In an April episode of the “I Am Athlete” podcast, the “2 Phones” rapper made an audacious medical claim. Gates told former NFL players Brandon Marshall, LeSean McCoy, and DeSean Jackson that he stopped getting sick when he stopped lying.

“From me not telling the truth, my throat chakra started getting blocked and I started getting sick,” he told the hosts. “I started having colds until I started opening my throat chakra and speaking the truth. I haven’t been sick since.” His truth was telling people “no” without fear of fallout.

4. “I pray before I have sex.”

In the same interview, Gates also exposed the way his spirituality influences his sexual encounters. The “Really, Really” rapper disclosed that he noticed he was encountering women who wanted clout from their connection with him, no matter how brief or shallow. So, he decided to counter this by inviting Allah into the bedroom before they got freaky. “I pray before I have sex,” he said. “When you with God, [sex] is spiritual unification,” he concluded.

On his episode of “Caresha Please,” Gates touched on this ritual again, too, saying: “You talking to someone who never had an STD. I pray before sex.”

In this interview, he told the host that he also enforces a 90-day sex restriction. Yung Miami stared in awe as Gates went into his reason for this. “Our first rule of being a Muslim, if you’re not in compliance, I’m going to deny you sex…” he said in regards to wellness and hygiene.

5. “The longest I fasted was about three weeks. No food, no water.”

Still feeling empowered by his newfound commitment to healthier habits, Kevin Gates told radio host Big Boy the secret to his massive weight loss and strength conditioning. The “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper first described the difference between fasting and dry fasting, the latter being when one does not consume any food or drinks. Big Boy asked how long he’d ever gone dry fasting when Gates responded: “The longest I done ever did dry fasting was like close to a month; about three weeks. No food, no water,” he said.

When he was met with a puzzled reaction by the radio host, Gates continued, “When your cell breaks in half… we create our own water.”

6. “Louisiana is its own country.”

The United States of America has a sorted history and the 1861 Civil War saw the succession of several southern states, including Louisiana — Kevin Gates’ home state. But, according to Gates, “Louisiana is its own country.” The brazen Baton Rouge-born artist said that to reporters in an interview with Atwood Magazine because “as far as the culture and the way we do things.” He concluded, “One would have to experience it to even understand it. Everything is based on perspective anyway.”

7. “My grandma pulled me to the side like, ‘Baby, that’s your cousin.’”

The term “kissing cousins” takes on an entirely different meaning when we talk about Kevin Gates. During his chat with Yung Miami on “Caresha Please,” he was asked about the sexual relationship with his cousin that he revealed on social media in 2015. “So you really fucking your cousin?” the host asked him. He confirmed with a simple, “Duh.”

The rapper went on to explain that he’d been dealing with her for three months as a teenager when his grandmother pulled him to the side to break the news. “I ain’t about to stop f**kng with her,” he said. “Y’all done got the hard part out of the way. Why f**k up a good thing?”

Leaving Miami stunned, he went on: “I didn’t know that she was my cousin, but once I found out, then I ain’t about to stop. She wasn’t no close cousin. I don’t care. Don’t care. Sorry not sorry. Would do it again.”

8. “I wouldn’t give a f**k if a b**ch did 1,000 d**ks before… If I love you, I love you.”

How many partners are too many partners is a question many singles — or sexually active people — ponder when discussing “body count.” Lucky for any women who want to have a relationship with Gates, they don’t have to worry about judgment or denial based on how much exploration they’ve engaged in prior to meeting him.

In the same episode of “Caresha Please,” he brought viewers into his personal stance on the topic: “I wouldn’t give a f**k if a b**ch did 1,000 d**ks before she met me,” he said. “If I love you, I love you. I ain’t tripping on where your p**sy been. It’s for me now, if you’re gonna give it to me.”

9. #D**kAllinYoStomach

Imagine being curved and then that same man spins the block on Twitter telling the entire world what he would do to you sexually if allowed. Well, influencer Brittany Renner does not have to pretend because her and Gates’ 2022 exchange is still gagging the girls.

Renner, who’s no stranger to controversy and openness about her sexuality, tweeted that she wanted to be “held and penetrated passionately” well before #TwitterAfterDark hours.

The rapper replied by asking “When?” which made the “Judge this Cover” author say, “Right now.” He, then, showed his manners by saying: “Yes, mam, Right away, mam,” adding the hashtag #D**kAlliNYoStomach.

Shortly after, the pair was seen on Instagram live posts riding in cars together and spotted backstage at a music festival looking rather cozy.

Renner posted a clip of the music video for “Bad for Me” where she served as the leading lady with a passionate caption: “My 1st RollingLoud was Miami 2019, and the only person I wanted to see perform was Kevin Gates. Last night was a full circle moment for me! Kevin, I love you. You are an amazing person and have been my greatest teacher.” There’s no telling what she learned.

10. “A lot of women with acne in they face got good p**sy”

In 2021, Kevin Gates was interviewed on “The Breakfast Club” where he discussed finally meeting his match sexually– well almost. He told the radio hosts, “The reason I say she really really close — oh God, don’t kill me — she got acne in her face.”

He went on: “I know this gon’ sound crazy. A lot of women with acne in they face got good p**sy. ’Cause they hormones are so imbalanced, that it cause them to have congestion.”

Not to worry, the outspoken rapper takes pride in doing his part to help: “They not releasing properly. See, once I really put it on her, her face start clearing up,” he added.

11. “You like the ‘dad bod’ because I look like somebody you can get over on”


It all starts with your self!💚🥥✨ #selflove #selfcare #selfrespect

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Studies and polls have proven that most women love a man with a dad bod – the type of physique that is just fit enough, but also a little tummy pudge for good measure. Gates, who transformed his flabby body into a rock-hard figure, said that he worries women like him better before.

In a now-viral video, the artist explained why he believes women prefer his previous body type: “You know why you was loving the dad bod? I look like somebody you can get over on ‘cause I was getting over on myself. But when you see somebody that’s disciplined and they eating in the way of the light, it’s very intimidating to a person that’s not disciplined.” Does he have a point?

12. “I’m Captain Hook”

Sex is a unique experience for people and the more one explores the more they learn what they like and don’t. Gates is no different, except, he shares openly — and often — what he likes. On “Caresha Please,” he told Yung Miami that he’s sometimes disappointed in women’s oral sex skills and has to coach them on how to please him properly.

While explaining what tips and tricks he enjoys best, Gates mentioned that his penis curves and he goes crazy when women pay special attention to that area. He described himself as “Captain Hook,” while making the City Girl rapper blush and giggle uncontrollably.