Mia Jaye wants those involved in the killing of her late partner Young Dolph to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. In two separate Instagram posts, the mother of two spoke out about the late rapper deserving justice two years after he was gunned down in Memphis. Next Friday (Nov. 17) will officially mark the second anniversary of his passing.

Jaye wrote in her Nov. 11 post that this is the “saddest month of the year” and a reminder of how her life was indefinitely changed. It read, in part, “My love, my soul mate, my children’s father, the King of my castle, Adolph Thornton Jr. ‘Young Dolph’ was taken from me, my kids and our family.”

Two suspects, Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith, have been charged with attempted murder and first-degree murder in connection with the “Talking To My Scale” artist’s death. A third suspect, Jermarcus Johnson, is charged with conspiracy after the fact. He pleaded guilty to helping Justin and Smith after the ambush in June. A fourth suspect, Hernandez Govan, also faces a conspiracy charge after being accused of orchestrating the fatal shooting.

“This is a premeditated offense and should be charged as a capital murder case. We won’t accept a ‘slap on the wrist’ as satisfactory justice,” wrote Jaye in an open letter shared in the caption. The entrepreneur also asked fans to help advocate and apply pressure on the justice department to keep the family informed of pertinent updates in the case. Jaye claimed that, like the public, she and Dolph’s loved ones learned through the media that Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Lee Coffee recused himself from the case late last month.

In a second post of a recorded Instagram Live, Jaye candidly spoke about the dizzying narratives surrounding Dolph’s death. She said that people have theorized that she had a hand in the tragedy as well as other false conspiracies. In the end, she concluded that “rap s**t” is to blame for the ambush.

“A song or two, some ego s**t… He not here because of ego… At the end of the day, we killing people ’cause of a bruised, a scarred ego?… You’re taking a life because you feel disrespected. That’s the weakest s**t ever!” she exclaimed.

On Nov. 2, Judge Jennifer Mitchell was assigned to oversee the trial against Justin and Smith. Attorneys were expected to begin opening statements in March, but with a new judge at the help, a new trial date will be determined.