If Offset had it his way, “Ric Flair Drip” would have never seen the light of day. But fans have Metro Boomin to thank for the record’s existence.

“I hated the song,” said Offset when he spoke with Billboard’s Carl Lamarre for an episode of “The Debut Live” podcast. The interview was conducted before an audience in Los Angeles in October, but a clip resurfaced on Friday (Nov. 10) on social media. “It was a West Coast beat — I’m not saying nothing like that — but it was, like, during this time it’s 2017… When I did it, I didn’t take it serious. I’m like, ‘Goin’ to the jeweler, bust the AP, yeah,’ like I’m not trying,” he continued.

He further revealed that when the album, Without Warning, a venture between Offset, Metro Boomin and 21 Savage, was released, he cussed out his collaborator after learning the song made the final track list. “I’m like, ‘Bruh, don’t put this song on the album.’ He [was] in charge of picking the songs… He put it on the album. I wake up to it in the morning like, ‘Man, this n**ga put the song on the album,’” recalled Offset.

In the end, the curation of the project worked out. “I’ll never forget, like, three days later we [were] No. 1 on Apple, and he [was] like, ‘I told you. I do this s**t!’” said the Migos rapper. As previously reported by REVOLT, “Ric Flair Drip” earned Offset his first platinum record as a solo artist in 2018. The fan-favorite cut has since gone on to surpass 6 million units sold, making it six-times platinum by the RIAA.

Even the retired WWE Hall of Famer himself co-signed the track when he appeared in the music video and onstage for a live performance on “The Tonight Show.” Ric Flair also spoke highly of Offset when he dished about his experience on set. “He’s just a phenomenal young man. So respectful, so just genuine. He’s a real guy. Great music. He’s just living that life, that life that I love,” he told REVOLT. “The guy’s got so much d**n talent, it would be hard to hold him back even if they tried. He’s a phenomenal guy.”

Last month, Offset released his second solo album, Set It Off.