During Brittany Renner’s discussion with Jason Lee at REVOLT WORLD, the blooming reality TV star opened up about the dynamic between her and ex-boyfriend P.J. Washington.

The social media influencer and the Charlotte Hornets player met in 2020 at an event in Dallas, TX. Not long after the two went public with their love affair, they announced they were pregnant and welcomed a baby boy, P.J. Washington Jr., in 2021. However, two and half months later, things went sour and Renner called it quits.

“Well, let me start off by saying I don’t think anyone plans to be a single mom,” she said. “I didn’t carry a baby for nine motherf**cking months. I ain’t gain 50 pounds. I didn’t get a second f**cking degree tear to be a single mom. I didn’t prepare for that.”

A lover girl at her core, Renner divulged that she did her best to make the relationship work, but eventually realized the lifestyle wasn’t for her.

“I would say that at that time, you know I am a hopeful romantic and I gave [it] my all. And I tried to fit into a space that just wasn’t made for me … just being in that relationship,” she continued.

Although she and Washington are still finding their footing with co-parenting, the “Basketball Wives” star admitted that she doesn’t feel like a single mother because the power forward is an involved father.

“If we have a schedule where it’s alternating — I get Monday and Tuesday. He gets Wednesday [and] Thursday…we alternate Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Am I a single mom then, still? Or it’s just because I’m single, I don’t have a partner? ‘Cause his father is very much present and takes care of him. I mean my son, I ain’t gonna lie … he’s in a multimillion-dollar house, he gets dropped off in a Lamborghini, he ain’t hurting for nothing,” she said proudly.

Lee then correlated her poised response with how Black women typically “protect and support” the father of their children, which caused Renner to come to her son’s father’s defense.

“Well, hold on ’cause I’m not going to lie, what people misunderstand about me and all the stuff they’ve seen regarding my child’s father is I love him very much,” the 31-year-old explained. “I have said, he is a good person, he is a good father, he was not a good partner to me, and I’m allowed to say that. That was my experience with him, so we can move forward and me understand that, that was never my guy. That wasn’t my husband and that’s okay ‘cause he still was a catalyst for my growth.”

She continued, “Why do I gotta hate him? How could I ever hate him? My son is named after him. I pushed out a baby for him, so it doesn’t matter what goes on in private … what he’s got going on … whatever? What’s that gotta do with me? I didn’t want to be there. That’s what people forget.”

Lee responded by asking Renner her opinion about the lack of protection Washington displayed when she gets attacked on social media.

“I mean, you know, of course, in an ideal world I would’ve loved protection, absolutely,” she confessed. “When you’re pushed out there in front of everybody, okay, well then, now learn to stand up for yourself because I didn’t have a man shielding me. I didn’t have media trying to shield me either. Nobody wanted to know my story. That’s why didn’t speak for so long.”