A mistake by an Atlanta-area hauling and demolition company reportedly led to the destruction of a longtime, family-owned property in southwest Atlanta. The house, which had been vacant for around 15 years, was not abandoned. The property taxes were up to date, and the lawn was regularly maintained, NY Post states.

The homeowner, Sarah Hodgson, became aware of the demolition while she was on vacation when a neighbor got in touch with her over the phone. The good Samaritan asked if Hodgson made arrangements for the demolition. After letting the neighbor know that she, in fact, had not, she was told that a professional crew was on the property.

After the phone call, the neighbor approached the work crew to try to determine what was going on. The workers reportedly let the person know that the project was none of their concern and refused to discuss the matter.

Hodgson then contacted another family member. This individual was able to go out to the property and see what exactly was going on. Once on-site, they asked to see the company’s work permit. A quick review of the document showed that the workers were at the wrong address.

Once they realized their mistake, the crew, reportedly from Atlanta’s You Call It We Haul It, loaded up their equipment and left the property. At this point, the home was already in ruins. In addition to leaving the house in a pile of rubble, the company apparently made no effort to check water lines or gas lines, or to secure the now-demolished home before leaving.

According to the outlet, Hodgson has not heard from the business and has followed up on this incident by filing a police report and speaking with attorneys. The company sent a statement to Fox 5 Atlanta indicating that they were working to resolve the issue.