A sheriff’s deputy is now under inquiry after authorities say he fatally shot and killed a Black man in Camden County, GA — one who was wrongfully imprisoned for 16 years. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Leonard Allan Cure was pulled over by the unnamed official on Interstate 95 this past Monday (Oct. 16). The reason said traffic stop was initiated is yet to be confirmed.

“Cure complied with the officer’s commands until learning that he was under arrest,” GBI’s official statement read. “After not complying with the deputy’s requests, the deputy tased Cure. Cure assaulted the deputy. The deputy used the Taser for a second time and an ASP baton; however, Cure still did not comply. The deputy pulled out his gun and shot Cure. EMTs treated Cure, but he later died.” According to the Innocence Project of Florida, the 53-year-old was on his way home after visiting his mother in South Florida.

Back in 2003, Cure was convicted of armed robbery in Broward County, FL and was sentenced to life in prison as a result of prior convictions. In 2020, the Broward State Attorney’s Office Conviction Review Unit (CRU) found discrepancies after being asked to revisit his case.

“[They] determined that documentary evidence in the form of an ATM receipt proved that Lenny was miles away from the crime scene at the time of the robbery,” added the Innocence Project, who collaborated with CRU in working on Cure’s freedom. “The reinvestigation also concluded that a photo array shown to one of the victims contained multiple photos of Lenny and was therefore an unreliable, suggestive identification procedure.” As a result of the findings, Cure was exonerated in December 2020. Since then, the Innocence Project said that he was doing well and planned to “attend college for music production and start a career in the music business.”