Remaining silent as thousands of Palestinians are displaced or, worse, brutally killed in the Israel-Hamas war has spurred condemnation from those using their voice and platforms.

Kehlani is one of many celebrities who are speaking up and showing solidarity for those targeted by the brutal attacks amid the ongoing clash between Hamas and Israel, as the former fights for Gaza’s liberation from the latter. Speaking to her industry peers in a since-deleted Oct. 13 Instagram Story video, she said, “What the f**k is wrong with y’all? You’re being silent for the sake of money and business like that amounts to what the f**k is going on. There’s an insane amount of unchecked privilege on literal f**king display. It is gut-wrenching; it is disgusting.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, the war entered its eighth day on Sunday (Oct. 15). At this time, a ceasefire does not seem likely as the Israeli military ramps up its offense to counter airstrikes in the northern Gaza Strip, which is home to some 2 million citizens. As of Sunday morning, the death toll surpassed 2,300, and the count of those injured continues to soar well into the thousands.

The It Was Good Until It Wasn’t singer also hit back at those who have suggested she bite her tongue to protect her career. “Do y’all hear yourselves? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and been like, ‘Am I a decent f**king human being?’” she asked.

At a pro-Palestine rally held in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday (Oct. 14), she said there was nothing complicated about taking a public stance on the matter. “I think it’s black and white, and you have a choice to see it or not… I want all my followers and peers to sit on the right side of history. I want them to make a decision that is larger than them. I want them to make an unselfish one. I want them to make an obvious one. And I just hope they choose to do the right thing. Imma keep reiterating that it’s not that complicated of a decision to make.”