The victims of R. Kelly will soon receive the rest of the restitution ordered by the judge in the singer’s high profile criminal cases. A report published on TMZ shows that he is supposed to receive a royalty payment from Universal Music Group (UMG) that totals $567,444.19, enough to pay off his current restitution bill of $506,950.26. According to the report, the company will pay the restitution due out of the amount owed.

The R&B singer has reportedly failed to comply with the victim restitution order handed down along with a 20-year prison sentence for his crimes, so the judge signed an order to garnish his royalties. It has come to light that much of the royalty amount being paid by UMG comes from the artist’s older hits that the company hadn’t cashed in yet.

Kelly has also been blocked from visiting with his friend and former business manager Derrel McDavid. The warden of FCI Butner prison, where the singer is being held, denied the visit request on the grounds that McDavid was a co-defendant in Kelly’s Illinois criminal case. McDavid had been accused of coordinating hush money payments for the singer, but the charge was eventually dismissed.

The court motion filed by representatives for the singer says, “Mr. McDavid and Mr. Kelly have maintained a longstanding friendship and business relationship spanning decades before Mr. Kelly’s incarceration.” It continues, “FCI Butner’s denial of visitation was inconsistent with Bureau of Prison (“BOP”) regulations and policies, patently unreasonable, and advanced no legitimate penological interest.”

The motion concludes, “FCI Butner’s determination is patently unreasonable, capricious, and inconsistent with the directives and policies of the federal regulations. There is absolutely no risk—let alone a reasonable one—that a visitation by Mr. McDavid would create a threat to the security and good order of the FCI Butner.” A decision in that matter has not yet been made.