NLE Choppa and his partner Marissa Da’Nae have welcomed a son and have given the child a unique, meaningful name. The baby, ChoZen Wone Da’Shun Potts, was born on Wednesday (Aug. 16). NLE was there to help Marissa through labor and he cut his son’s umbilical cord. It’s clear that he couldn’t be more excited, as he shared a series of photos and videos from the hospital.

The Memphis rapper took to social media to announce the birth and explain how they arrived at the name they chose. For one video, he wrote, “ChoZen Wone Da’Shun Potts. 8/16/23. The Best Gift God Has Given This Year, Excuse My Humor, She Was In Pain, So I Had To Be A Comedian LOL. ALL PRAISE TO THE MOST.”

In another post on Instagram Stories, the rapper explained: “His name is special, spiritual and unique. ChoZen – picked by God, God’s favorite and also zenful energy.” He also revealed Wone represents that “he already ‘won’ at life,” and Da’Shun is a combination of NLE’s middle name, Lashun, as well as Marissa’s. Potts is NLE Choppa’s surname.

He also wrote, “His name unique to us, all that really matter, but it’s a reason why his name is that way. We come out the womb different!” This is his second child with Marissa and he has a third with his ex, Mariah.

The series of funny and emotional videos is how NLE Choppa kept himself amused while his lady was in labor. Another social media post showed the newborn laying peacefully on his father’s chest. He also shared a photo of the baby’s footprint.

According to Choppa, Marissa gave him her permission to share their experience on social media. The excitement about the new addition to their family has spread, as numerous fans have chimed in to share well-wishes for them and their new son.