If there’s been one hot-buttoned topic in the world of college sports, it’s NIL deals. Many fans favor them, while others believe that younger non-professional athletes still in school should not be reaping some of the monetary benefits of those in the league.

For those who are unaware, NIL deals are executed when college athletes approve the use of their name, image and likeness in marketing and/or promotional endeavors for compensation.

One professional player who’s all for these is New England Patriots star Jonathan Jones. The NFL cornerback recently sat down for an interview on the “Making The Boss” podcast with host Isha Thorpe to discuss all things sports and more.

When asked about his take on these deals, which didn’t become legal until July 1, 2021, Jones said, “I definitely think it’s a good thing that those guys are getting some money – get some income for themselves and their families – but I definitely think it should come with some financial literacy. Let those guys know that there is a future and kind of help them plan that out. A lot of those guys come from places where no one had made $100,000; $200,000 in a year and so, these guys are making that money, so [they] definitely need some type of financial literacy to go along with it. I think it would benefit them a lot.”

Then, Jones gave athletes getting NIL deals some sound advice. “You’re a brand, so just be cognizant of who you’re partnering with… I think maybe at a young age, you’re not realizing that just accepting the money – all money isn’t good money,” he said. “Be cognizant of the brands that you’re linking with your brand. That’s a representation of you.”

One rising star who’s made recent headlines for leading her LSU basketball team to their 2023 national championship win has been Angel Reese. According to On3, she is now the highest-valued women’s basketball player with an NIL valuation of $1.4 million. A number of other college athletes such as Olivia Dunne, Sunisa Lee, Bryce Young and more are also at the top of the NIL food chain.

Listen to Jones’ full “Making The Boss” interview here.