“Happy Friday!” is a popular saying for those who can’t wait to get the weekend started. But for one particular person at REVOLT, the phrase holds a deeper meaning today.

On Friday (May 26), REVOLT debuted a brand-new podcast titled “Making The Boss” with host Isha Thorpe, who also serves as the company’s Senior Managing Editor. When she’s not leading the network’s editorial department, Thorpe will be speaking to popular figures in sports and entertainment who are bosses in their fields and ready to drop words of wisdom for those listening to the show that’s powered by the REVOLT Podcast Network.

From professional athletes to the people behind the scenes making them the stars they are to CEOs of major entertainment companies, recording artists, and everyone in-between, the host and her guests will be doing that big money talk.

For the premiere episode of “Making The Boss,” Thorpe chats with two-time Super Bowl champion and New England Patriots star cornerback Jonathan Jones about his NFL career, business moves outside of sports, his philanthropic initiatives, college athletes and NIL deals, what he wants his legacy to be and his definition of a boss.

The insightful chat is nothing short of amazing as the professional athlete opens up about his multiple streams of income outside of the NFL that include real estate endeavors, his trucking company, getting his pilot license and more, as well as talks about his business-first mindset that pushes him to branch out and find more ways to level up.

“I mean, you see that it’s not going to last forever,” the star said about playing football in the premiere episode. “They have the ESPN, the ‘30 for 30’ on players going broke. I kind of watch that every year… my objective was I’m never going to be that guy. I’m gonna find a way to not be that guy that, you know, had this amazing opportunity, and had this money at a young age and then kind of blows it. So, that’s kind of the voice in the back of my head… playing that ‘30 for 30.’ I don’t want to end up on that.”

Be sure to catch the premiere show of “Making The Boss” here and tune in every week for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. This will be one you add to your list!