In this week’s episode of “Big Facts,” Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade chopped it up with Payroll Giovanni of Doughboyz Cashout.

The high-energy and hilarious conversation was engulfed with topics such as Detroit culture, what it was like growing up on the west side, being a middle-aged rapper, and the credibility of artists who use ghostwriters.

Doughboyz Cashout started out as a crew of friends that transitioned to doing music. Giovanni admitted that rapping was supposed to be just for fun at first, and then it became about business. Although they no longer collab, the artist considers the group more of a brotherhood as all its members remain extremely close.

Giovanni kicked off the conversation by embracing his comfort level as a rapper who’s in his mid-30s. The “Big Facts” team and Ghost Mode creative were in agreement that rappers can make music for as long as they want if it makes sense. He has been creating music since the tender age of 18 and with experiences and life lessons is more capable of pouring wisdom into his craft. Although content with his position in the music world, Giovanni shared a piece of advice to other seasoned artists. “Don’t start at 35. I’m trying to transition to something else. Not trying to be 40 years old competing with some young dudes. I just stay in my lane,” explained the “Feel How I Look” performer.

Giovanni admitted to having a normal upbringing. Being an only child with both parents and grandparents who hustled the streets, he was extremely spoiled and always had on the most fly gear. Detroit is best known for its “heavy flexing and get money” culture. However, surrounding himself with certain people who didn’t always provide positive attributes, the rapper sometimes found himself in avoidable and risky situations.

Growing up, there were a lot of rap beefs and animosity between different crews. But thankfully, the climate of beef has declined drastically as certain hostilities were getting in the way of productive success. “For the most part, everybody just getting to the money now. That s**t was fu**ing up the bag. I was getting flown out to labels, and the first thing they wanted to know was whom I was beefing with. It scares the money off,” explained the west side native.

Moreover, Giovanni revealed that he’s done some ghostwriting. DJ Scream’s next question could easily be noted as the highlight of the conversation. He inquired about the credibility of rappers who let people write for them. “That depends. Is it a club for the ladies’ type of song? But a real ni**a song, nah you can’t have a ni**a rapping your life,” Giovanni responded.

There was a healthy debate among the famed podcast members as Big Bank and Baby Jade both shared their opposing opinions. “Who cares about credit? Where the [money] at? Hits are collective efforts. It comes with a producer, sometimes a writer, sometimes artists,” expressed Big Bank. On the contrary, “…the same way you are saying give these [artists, producers, writers] they credit, give these ni**as they credit that’s doing it from top to bottom by themselves,” argued Jade. This conversation is undoubtedly something to check out to hear each perspective in its entirety.

In addition to recently dropping Ghost Mode this year , the Doughboyz member is also working on his own production company and is about to start doing independent films. Without going into much detail about his projects, he was transparent about his aspirations to work with artists like JAY-Z, Rick Ross, and Drake.

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