There has been a lot of buzz behind Donald Glover’s new thriller “Swarm.” The series debuted last week at SXSW, but since its Friday (March 17) release on Amazon Prime, the masses have been talking about Chlöe Bailey’s first-ever on-screen sex scene. TMZ caught up with her “Grown-ish” co-star Trevor Jackson, who had nothing but positive things to say about the budding talent.

As Jackson was waiting near the baggage claim at LAX yesterday (March 20), a reporter for TMZ approached the 26-year-old to get his thoughts on Bailey’s rated-R on-camera action. “Those are people that are bored,” the “Grown-ish” actor began. He admitted he’s not yet seen the show, which has been a top discussion on social media. “Swarm” follows an obsessed superfan who will go to any length to defend and see her favorite artist. Several minutes into the series, Bailey appears in a rather risqué scene with Damson Idris.

“It’s art. And I support Chlöe in any and everything that she does. She’s an amazing person, and she’s an artist. She can do whatever she wants, whatever she feels led to do, you know? It’s her life, and she’ll always have my support, every time,” Jackson asserted. The reporter then asked the Superfly star about the comparisons between the “Pray It Away” songstress and her younger sister, Halle Bailey, who has a much more innocent image, thanks, in part, to her role as Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

Jackson responded, “There’s no one way to do life and especially being in the position they’re in and under a microscope, every move they make sometimes can be unfair, but my advice to them is don’t pay attention to anything outside of yourself.” He added that anyone who has not been part of their journey to success has no place in their lives or choices.