On Sunday (March 12) night, the top movie magic makers in the industry gathered for the Oscars. Per usual, after the awards ceremony came the annual Vanity Fair after-party. As photos began to make their way online, people had a lot to say about what Ciara was wearing — or wasn’t wearing.

The “Body Party” songstress, who arrived with her husband, NFL player Russell Wilson, wore a backless, floor-length sheer gown. The front of the garment was extremely low-cut and the super-toned beauty’s thong peeked through. Almost immediately, social media chatter included conversations of users condemning the dress, pointing out Ciara being a wife and a mother of three.

@ciaraSelective outrage 😭♬ original sound – Devon Guzzie

However, her fans and body-positive supporters quickly came to her defense. “A bunch of unmarried pick-me’s on the clock app talking about how Ciara’s dress wasn’t becoming of a wife… as she stands next to her whole husband,” one tweet read. Even BET joined in on the discussion, writing, “Y’all mad huh? DEAL WITH IT. We stand behind you sis!” along with images of the entertainer. One user pointed out how people had a lot to say without realizing there was a theme for the night’s event — which was “Old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist,” according to Vogue.

“All of this talk about Ciara’s dress and y’all didn’t mention that it wasn’t for the Oscars, but an [Oscars] party themed-event,” a post that contained images of other stars in barely-there clothing said. The discussion must’ve been quite amusing to the “Goodies” hitmaker. Last night (March 15), she hopped on TikTok and seemingly shaded the naysayers. “Selective outrage,” she captioned a video of herself fully covered with an oversized sheet. “This being Ciara’s response to y’all being [outraged] over her dress and the caption being ‘selective outrage’ made me giggle a bit,” one person wrote.

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