For today’s (March 2) episode of “Big Facts,” the Trap Music Museum hosted another conversation with Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade. This week, the hosts’ special guest was notable R&B singer Lyfe Jennings. Born Chester Jermaine Jennings, the entertainer offered wisdom and perspective throughout the discussion with the team as they talked about censorship in the media, whether he’d do a Verzuz battle, as well as personal endeavors, such as his clothing line and filmmaking.

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Jennings’ former stage name was Music for Life until a few cellmates encouraged him to shorten it since life was what he talked about most in his music. In 2002, after serving 10 years in jail for arson, the then-budding artist revisited his musical aspirations, journeyed to New York, and eventually secured a deal with Columbia Records after winning the Apollo’s amateur night five times. His music is best known to provide wise metaphors and intentional messages, as he has always encouraged a positive mindset, especially in the Black community. Education and censorship are essentials that the singer thinks will help guide the culture into healthier careers and lifestyles. “I think we spend a lot of time talking about censorship. Some people are going to disagree with me, but I do think some s**t do need to be censored. A kid’s mind is impressionable,” explained the songwriter. There was a heavy debate about what should be censored, and the reasons why, with different perspectives coming from Baby Jade and Big Bank.

Furthermore, DJ Scream asked Jennings if he would be interested in participating in a Verzuz. The battle series was created by Timbaland and Swizz Beats at the peak of the 2020 pandemic. Since then, having two artists perform song for song has been an exciting way to enjoy virtual concerts and watch legends who fans haven’t seen perform in a while. “I like watching it too much — it’ll spoil it for me if I go on there. Anybody would feel flattered to go on Verzuz, but I don’t want to. I’d rather just watch it,” responded the father of six. The “Big Facts” family acknowledged that the people of social media would pair him with legendary R&B colleague Jaheim.

Moreover, the path forward for Jennings is about overall growth — in music, his clothing brand, film, and investments. He let the crew know that he’s already filmed one movie and looks forward to doing one to two projects per year that include his children. Additionally, he has intentions to rerecord his masters, as he is no longer interested in the big businesses of the industry getting the larger cut of the checks from his music. Jennings is ready to have his royalties paid in full. Unfortunately, his clothing brand, Repetition, is on pause after he had to let go of most of his team and rebrand. “A lot of time, people on your team stop dreaming. People get comfortable with what they’ve got. I want to hire some young n**gas that are still trying to dream. I feel like I got way more in me to get to,” Jennings explained.

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