On today’s (Feb. 23) episode of the “Big Facts” podcast, Big Bank, DJ Scream and Baby Jade sat down with serial entrepreneur Yung Joc. The legendary trio had an extraordinarily energetic discussion with the Atlanta native about various topics, such as his transition from rapping to reality TV, how married life keeps him grounded, and there was even some clarity brought to many of the behind-the-scenes relationships that affected his music career.

We know him best for his single “It’s Going Down,” which smashed the radio and clubs in the early 2000s. We’ve also seen Yung Joc starring in nearly 10 seasons of the hit reality show “Love and Hip Hop.” On “Big Facts,” he highlighted his BET Award performance with Diddy as one of the best moments of his rap career, noting, “That was my moment, it was live. By the time I’m walking [offstage], I’m hugging Mary J. Blige, smelling her expensive fragrance.” However, the businessman said he does more producing nowadays, as he isn’t as passionate about rapping as he used to be. “Sometimes when you have certain dreams and live out those dreams, you realize you have other dreams,” Joc explained. He admitted that one of the main reasons for the transition to reality TV was to ensure he was still seen, telling the crew, “I wanted to make sure I was able to remain visible and show people my wit and character.” The syndicated radio host also appreciates being able to speak to the masses via his show, “The Streetz Morning Takeover,” co-hosted with Shawty Shawty and Mz. Shyneka. “Radio allowed me to talk to people and connect with them every day. That voice is my tool, so why not use it?”

A main focal point of Joc’s storyline on reality shows has been his turbulent love life. That pivoted when the actor brought then-fiancée, and now-wife, Kendra Robinson, onto season eight of “Love and Hip Hop.” Robinson is a criminal defense lawyer who was not easily swayed by Joc’s charm and status. She is also someone who he considers to be his anchor. Big Bank asked the beloved entertainer how he knew he was ready to be married for a second time. “When you stop focusing on all the s**t going on in the world, and you find something that centers you, man, you become so powerful,” Joc responded. There was drama and rumors that created chaos around their on-screen relationship. However, building and maintaining trust was of the utmost importance to the father of six.

Moreover, the “Big Facts” team was extremely inquisitive about the “who and what” of Yung Joc’s music career. Several names were mentioned when speaking about why certain business encounters didn’t play out how they should have, including former managers Big Block and Rico Brooks, 2 Chainz, Pierre “P” Thomas of QC, and a few more. Without placing blame on anyone, he shared background stories of how some deals didn’t go as planned, the money getting funny in certain situations, and relationships diminishing. He clarified that there is no bad blood between anyone, but noted that ego and sensitive emotions played a major role in his decision to quit rap overall.

Furthermore, DJ Scream, Big Bank, and Baby Jade couldn’t conduct this interview without mentioning Yung Joc’s various viral moments. For example, when Joc changed his hairstyle to a low blonde cut, and the media compared his look to comedian Luenell; as well as 42 Dugg’s infamous “Before I go broke like Joc” lyric on “We Paid.” As they discussed the details of each moment, the successful radio host was very lighthearted and revealed that he doesn’t take any of it personally because he is confident and doesn’t care what people think of him.

As the serial entrepreneur continues to add to his successful portfolio, he told Big Bank that his purpose in life is to inspire the aspiring. “You know why… because it’s a lot of n**gas who done took off, but can’t take off again. Everything I ever did done took off. That’s me humbly speaking.”

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