In October of last year, Fridayy liberated the seven-song EP Lost In Melody, which contained the standout “Don’t Give Up On Me” — a song that Meek Mill eventually jumped on a couple of months later. Another notable track from said project is the Gabriel Lambirth, MOMBRU, and Patrick Collier-produced “Know The Truth,” an ode to low inhibitions and sexually charged intentions:

“Girl, I’m tryna f**k you like a freak, freak, that liquor and that SZA got me too deep, f**k it, you could get in the backseat, that’s the type of timin’ I’m on, tryna plug into your channel like a TV, girl, I’ll have you spinnin’ like a CD, goin’ back to back, got you on repeat, that’s the type of s**t that we on, girl, it ain’t no tellin’ what I’m finna do to you tonight, you know I got some s**t and I gotta get it off my mind, I know just how you like it, baby, I’ma get you right, I know you ain’t with the games, so I won’t waste no time…”

Last Wednesday (Jan. 25), Fridayy unveiled a new visual for “Know The Truth.” Directed by Jake The Shooter, the short clip shows the Philly talent on a late night drive with his love interest. While he engages in his affair, his actual significant other is doing the same nearby. It all ends with the infidelities coming to light and all parties ending the evening alone.

In a recent interview with REVOLT, Fridayy opened up about his contribution to DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID” and how it led to a conversation with Hov:

“[JAY-Z] was just telling me to keep going. He was telling me nobody came in how I came in. He congratulated me. He told me that when he first heard [my hook on “GOD DID,”] it sparked him.”

Press play on “Know The Truth” below.