Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s were honored in their hometown of Philadelphia with the keys to the city.

Yesterday (Dec. 15), Philadelphia Councilman Kenyatta Johnson recognized the cousins and co-hosts of the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast for their dedicated activism and philanthropy efforts made throughout the city.

Johnson went to Instagram and thanked the duo for helping to provide $4 million dollars in grants for Black-owned businesses and social service organizations.

“We appreciate your efforts and contributions to improving the quality of life for Philadelphians,” wrote Johnson on Instagram. He followed with the hashtag, “It takes a village.”

Gillie responded with a simple question: “Do this come with front-row Eagles or Sixer tickets?”

In their latest act of charity, the pair partnered with Best Buy Furniture, and Danis Auto for a chance to give a lucky person a car, a host of T.V.s and $40,000 in furniture. It’s no purchase necessary. To qualify, a person must follow Danis Auto and Best Buy Furniture, like and tag a person in the post and reshare the post. A winner will be selected on Dec. 21.

Another act of generosity came on Thanksgiving when Wallo wanted to take 15 women on a shopping spree. Unfortunately, the store was closed but he still gave back. Instead of a shopping spree, he gifted the women with cash.

“Target is actually closed today, but obviously I’m still out here slapping it into they pocket like a rocket,” Wallo said in an Instagram post. “I’m tryna tell you gentlemen – take ‘em to Target. They love Target.”

If you aren’t aware, the cousins use their platform to educate the youth of the hip hop community. They do so by bringing artists on their “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” to share their life experiences with the millions of people viewing, in hopes of everyone learning something beneficial.