Today (Dec. 15) on the street’s favorite podcast, “Big Facts,” Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade conversed with 19 KEYS. The high-level conversation led to topics such as getting to know yourself better, emotional intelligence, and family structure. His visit brought a new perspective to learning higher consciousness and taking the proper steps to be aligned with the right mindset.

Jibrial Muhammad is a St. Louis-born, Oakland-raised public speaker, visionary, and global entrepreneur. He was born into a Muslim family of African American origin and grew up surrounded by powerful Black men who spoke wisdom, had structure and their own school systems, and taught their own people. 19 KEYS believes knowledge encompasses the idea of “knowing yourself,” and he noted auditing your environment will be the first major key in your journey: “Your environment is connected to your nature, but it can override your nature. Do you want to overcome your environment, or do you want to stay there?” Alongside education, execution, and experience being a few other “E” keys, emotional intelligence was one of unique value. He noted, “Most people don’t have enough emotional intelligence to understand their own thinking or feeling process.” KEYS admitted there were different steps of the process, but that those five “E” elements are the ingredients that lay the foundation.

Furthermore, Big Bank asked 19 KEYS what his main obstacle is and he stated, “Dealing with family. There will always be someone in trouble or someone that needs something. Making sure they are straight is a different responsibility.” He has hired his family members to work either with or for him regardless of social opinion. “They say don’t do business with family, but that’s because we have dysfunctional families,” the entrepreneur proclaimed. The well-known author believes it is possible to beat the odds when the family is functional, and everybody plays their role. Moreover, the crew discussed what makes a healthy family structure and KEYS responded confidently, “The greatest degree of a family is always going to be man, woman, and child. That’s one thing that everybody must respect, but it’s also the one that welfare destroyed.”

Baby Jade matched the high-level tone of this week’s episode when she inquired about relationships, seeking the definition of a “helpmate” and why it’s so important within a union. As this response was filled with gems, the real prize was the idea 19 KEYS shared on the dependent man and independent woman repelling each other. “The dependent man can’t be depended on, and the independent woman depends on no one. So, they have no need for one another,” he explained.

The man of many attributes is also a well-known fashion designer who created his own clothing line, Crownz Society, formerly known as Musahill. The young entrepreneur recounted the moment he “fired” his former high-end luxury employer, so that he could use his skill, capital, and knowledge to initiate his own business endeavors. “People don’t think about firing their own boss in order to become one,” he suggested. He endured both success and adversity in the early years of his business journey but found stability when he started Crownz Society, an online boutique for designer headgear. 19 KEYS’ older brother was given credit for being his inspiration in the fashion world.

Author of the bestseller “Paradigm Keys: Solution-Based Mind Reprogramming Book,” the intuitive boss shed light on his theory regarding obtaining a higher consciousness. He explained, “I wanted a simple guide that a person can have a foundation to learn from. It’s real, actionable things that can help change the way you go about viewing the world.”

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