Gucci Mane has spoken up about his concerns regarding Pooh Shiesty’s current treatment in prison. Shiesty is serving his sentence at The United States Penitentiary Pollock (USP Pollock) in Grant Parish, Louisiana. Yesterday (Dec. 14), the 1017 Records boss took to social media to publicly address alleged details of his artist’s daily living conditions, claiming he gets food trays with no actual meals on them and only one hour out of his cell each day.

“We do not pay attention to how inmates are treated! Pooh has been sent to a prison over 1,500 miles from his home, 23-hour lockdown, and given empty food trays,” Mane tweeted. He has since posted the same words on his Instagram to ensure as many people see his message as possible, and he also tagged Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. “USP Pollock should be investigated immediately. #movepooh #prisonreform @POTUS @VP @KamalaHarris,” he wrote.

After he pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges, the “Back In Blood” rapper was sentenced to five years and three months in prison back in April. He was recently transferred from Turner Guilford Night Correctional Center in Miami to USP Pollock.

Back in August, the Memphis native himself provided an update from prison and possibly alluded to the same sentiments about his treatment that Mane is currently calling out. “The police don’t stop watchin’ just ’cause you in jail, and you can go to jail inside of jail,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “Just let that sink in y’all small a** unconscious head. They gon’ wait till I’m dead to start listening to what I be saying.”

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