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  /  12.01.2022

On today’s (Dec. 1) episode of “Big Facts,” the hosts sat down with R&B singer Sammie. Baby Jade, Big Bank, and DJ Scream conversed with the Florida native about his recent Verzuz episode alongside other music vets, struggles throughout his music career, as well as his current investments and endeavors. He was excited to share his journey.

Sammie Lee Bush, Jr., who has been in the game since 2009, is best known for his singles “Come With Me” and “You Should Be My Girl.” The now-35-year-old songwriter explained that at a young age, he didn’t want to lose his sense of normalcy and went back to high school for four years: “Kids couldn’t understand why I’m sitting in geometry class with them, and they can go home and watch me on ‘106 & Park.’” High school was bittersweet for the young heartthrob.

The glamour didn’t last long, as the rising star faced a betrayal that left him struggling for several years. The independent artist explained how he trusted his ex-manager’s leadership and authorized him as a user on several of his personal accounts. However, when Sammie had questions and the ex-manager didn’t have clear answers, their relationship became estranged. After the talented singer terminated their business together, the exec blocked Sammie out of all of his accounts and took everything he had. “I was on ‘Jay Leno,’ ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ and all that s**t eating Ramen at the crib. Trying to figure out how I’m going to survive. Carless for three years,” the songwriter explained. He was humble when he talked about how depressed he was throughout that seven-year experience. Rest assured that all is well now, as he owns all his masters, has full control of his finances, and the residual income is flowing.

How can anyone forget about the highly viewed Verzuz battle that included memorable R&B singers like Mario, Omarion, Bobby Valentino, Pleasure P and Sammie himself. He called it a celebration. The Verzuz episode was met with high expectations of the seasoned R&B possy. Instead, viewers received a hectic performance that not everyone showed up with their best vocals for. Sammie was most talked about for being one of the few that still had authentic talent when it came to having a soulful sound. “It was fun, chaotic. I was honored and grateful to be a part of it,” said the industry veteran. Amid the chaos, a new R&B group was born. RSVP consists of Ray J, Sammie, Bobby V, and Pleasure P. The songwriter explained how the group was created off dysfunction. The crew certainly knows how to gain an audience on social media with their Instagram Lives. We can expect a new single called “Money Everywhere” from RSVP sometime next month, as they are currently working with Hitmaka and Troy Taylor.

Big Bank asked Sammie to speak on his favorite part of being an entertainer, to which he replied, “Just being able to touch people and spread Godliness.” He compared his life to the biblical character Job, exclaiming that although he lost it all and got it back, he never lost faith in God.

He also showed love to another entertainer — Diddy. As R&B music has shown a decline in mainstream radio, Sammie showed appreciation for Love Records in partnership with Motown. “If anyone can shift the mainstream theme of R&B music, it’s Diddy… The things [the kids] are seeing and have access to is a lot of violence, sex and killing, and that’s all on the radio.”

To conclude this amazing interview, the legendary podcast hosts asked the ambitious artist for clarification on his timeline as a singer. “On the ‘Gram, you said five more years and you’re done with music. Were you just trolling or was that true?” asked DJ Scream. “Yea, for sure! That was always the plan, but I’ll never stop making music. My pen is everlasting,” Sammie responded.

When Big Bank asked what Sammie wanted to be doing at 40 years old, he confidently responded, “I’m already doing it!” If you’re wondering what the star is up to nowadays, he’s two years into the candle business with a line called Simply Naked Candle located in Conyers, Georgia. He has a few investments in stocks and wants to expand his portfolio to acting.

If you liked the recap of this week’s “Big Facts,” make sure you stay tuned in for new episodes every Thursday. Also, don’t forget to watch the latest show here.


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