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  /  11.30.2022

The “Black Girl Stuff” crew is back from the holiday break! Did you miss them? Today’s (Nov. 30) episode was definitely worth the wait as the hosts dove into it ALL! The legendary Dallas Austin joined the panel and, as always, Akilah Ffriend, Brii Renee, Demetria Obilor, Tori Brixx, and Kennedy Rue kept this week’s conversation rolling. Catch “Black Girl Stuff” every Tuesday on REVOLT at 9 p.m. ET as well as every Wednesday on our website, YouTube channel, and app. Plus, watch the latest episode here.

1. How to Keep Her

To kick off their return, the girls dove into the comments to teach the fellas how to keep a woman. When talking about the signs of a lady losing interest, Obilor said, “I don’t play any games. If I’m unhappy, you’re gonna know that I’m unhappy because I’m gonna straight up tell you that. Now, if we go beyond that, and you’re not fixing the issues that I have brought to your clear, undivided attention, then I’m gonna withdraw totally. But, I feel like by then, the relationship is already over. I’m gonna let you know because I love to be happy. I love being happy.” When asked about what the fellas can do to keep their partners smiling, she continued on to say, “I feel like it’s so important to be proactive when you’re with a woman, or definitely me. Just look for the voids, what’s missing in my life. I mean, I’m gonna come to you, I’m gonna have problems and stress. And it’s such a beautiful thing when you don’t even have to ask somebody, and they already take it on and problem solve.” The ladies also mentioned ideas such as taking a love language test together, couple card games, mini-date nights, and continuous courting.

2. The Kennedy Chronicles

Drake and 21 Savage’s recent album, Her Loss, included a bar that referenced Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting (an ongoing case involving Tory Lanez), and social media was not on board. Rue asked the ladies their thoughts on the bar and while no one was offended, Ffriend felt as if it was unnecessary: “That doesn’t mean it was something that was needed… there are different shots that you could have taken literally at different rappers, and… he did, obviously, with Kanye, too… I feel like just keep that towards things that affect you. Megan has nothing to do with you.” Brixx talked a bit about the legal aspect of it with the case still being ongoing, noting, “I know what Drake was saying. I definitely knew he was talking about the shots. Only thing is it was kind of a sensitive issue since it’s still ongoing. I think it was kind of just too soon, especially with all the gun violence that’s going on right now.”

Next, the hosts discussed Snoop Dogg making a film about his life in collaboration with Death Row Pictures. Brixx said, “I love Martha Stewart, but it’s time to get off the kitchen. I want to hear the real story. And he’s actually lived to actually tell the story — and that’s decades.” The ladies shared their Snoop Dogg memories, and Renee mentioned that she had the opportunity to smoke with the living legend! 

3. Dallas Austin Joins the Panel 

The one and only Dallas Austin joined the “BGS” panel to talk a bit about the state of R&B and more. When asked about what he felt about modern R&B and where it’s headed, Austin said, “I love it right now because it’s at that place where, you know, you see it, you see people. Whether it’s… all the way up to what Usher has been doing, what Jermaine has been doing with DVSN, you know what I’m saying? It’s like now everybody’s feeling the R&B. I don’t think it ever died.” Austin also revealed the one artist who “got away” and you won’t believe who it was: “Justin Bieber. Yeah… it was Universal at the time and he was staying in my house. And when the school moved him to Atlanta, he didn’t have any other friends, so my son became his friend. He lived with us, and I would go to the studio with him every day, play drums, play keyboards, and I would go to Sylvia Rhone like, ‘This kid’s a star, and he’s living with me. This kid’s an incredible guy. Let me sign him.’ She wasn’t with it.”

4. Liquid Courage

For the next segment, the ladies shared their funniest drinking stories! Ffriend said, “So, usually, I’m like, ‘I can do a couple of drinks, no problem.’ But there was one time when I was out with a friend, and we were having such a good time out in the city, being young and dumb, but she also brought her French friend with her. And so we had a good time and the next day, my friend told me, ‘Girl, you were speaking French to her all night.’” Obilor’s story involved six shots of Hennessy and a breakup. “When I finally realized that my relationship with my ex was over… I had that Henny and I had six shots… but I felt like this is what people do: ‘I’m sad right now. Let me take these six shots of Henny.’ And then I was laid out on the floor, and he just looked at me like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ And I’m just like, ‘Hello, darkness, my old friend.’ And then he gave me some bread. And all I remember is waking up the next morning with bread in my mouth,” she went on. The girls also discussed what type of drinkers they are. “I’m such a happy drunk. I’m like, ‘Where we going while we do it? Who’s coming?’ Like, I’m talking to everyone. I’m really outgoing when I’m drunk especially, and I just want to be in the vibes, right, I just want to feel the vibes, be the vibes, love the vibes,” said Ffriend. The girls also agreed that it depends on what type of liquor they’re drinking.

5. BG Boss Loni Love

You may recognize our first BG Boss this week, Loni Love, from her comedy specials or her time spent on the daytime talk show “The Real.” She’s recently collaborated with Media Planet to become an advocate for young girls and women in STEM. The campaign is focused on bridging the gender equity gaps in STEM and incorporating more diversity into the field.

Our second BG Boss is 13-year-old Alena Analeigh Wicker! She’s just made history as the youngest Black person to get accepted into medical school and the youngest person to intern at NASA! She’s also a junior at Arizona State University. Her accomplishments are why she’s one of our BG Bosses of the week!


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