As previously reported by REVOLT, on Nov. 13, a shooting on the campus of the University of Virginia left three students dead and two others injured. Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., a 22-year-old student at the college, was arrested and charged in connection to the fatal incident. On Saturday (Nov. 19), Brooklyn Nets NBA player Kyrie Irving donated $50,000 to the family of one of the victims.

D’Sean Perry, Devin Chandler and Lavel Davis Jr. are the three University of Virginia college athletes who were fatally shot earlier this month. Shelly Crais, a friend and former co-worker of Chandler’s mother, started a GoFundMe to cover funeral costs and other expenses. “I have hope that Devin’s mom won’t have to deal with financial burden on top of what she is already facing,” Crais wrote on the fundraiser’s page. On Saturday, a large donation from Irving appeared under the “top donations” section of Chandler’s GoFundMe account. Screenshots have been shared on social media, but Irving has made no public mention of the act of kindness.

“Kyrie Irving donated $50,000 to Devin Chandler’s GoFundMe this morning. That’s pretty incredible,” a tweet from Saturday read. The message came from a verified Twitter profile called Cavalier Blue, an account associated with the University of Virginia. A link to the fundraising site was included in the tweet. Another person who shared the message added, “What a generous guy, man.”

Irving didn’t stop there. Over the weekend he also donated $65,000 to the family of Shanquella Robinson. As previously reported by REVOLT, late last month, the 25-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina resident was violently attacked while on vacation with a group of friends in Cabo, Mexico. After members of the group initially told Robinson’s mother that the young woman died from alcohol poisoning, a video surfaced online of one of her friends beating her in a hotel room as other friends watched. The victim was naked and none of the individuals on the trip intervened to stop the attack.

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