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  /  11.10.2022

Authenticity, appreciation, and accountability were the themes of this week’s episode of “Big Facts” with Turk, formerly of Cash Money. Big Bank, Baby Jade, and DJ Scream sat down with the Louisiana native to talk about life post-prison. In 2004, Turk served close to nine years for an exchange of gunfire with police officers who entered his Tennessee home on a search warrant for drugs. However, as Turk, born Tab Virgil Jr., explained in his “Big Facts” interview, “I thought I was being robbed.” He was charged with attempted murder for shooting two police officers during the raid. Beyond that, they spoke about his time with Cash Money, his relationships with labelmates, entrepreneurship, and more.

The “AutoThugOgraphy of Turk” author returned to the civilian world thinking music was going to be the best way to get on his feet. He soon realized that the industry was in a new era and pursued real estate, investing, and his autobiography as alternative routes. Turk described his life as being like a movie. He is working on a film related to his personal experiences called Reckless, hoping for it to be picked up by filmmakers like Tyler Perry or Curtis Jackson.

The original Hot Boy took the “Big Facts” family down memory lane through his journey as a rapper on one of the hottest labels of the late ’90s to 2000s, Cash Money Records. He was originally inspired by the glitz and glam of hip hop group ABC (Another Bad Creation). Combining that inspiration with the desire to get his mom out of poverty, he decided to become an emcee.

Turk was connected to Bryan Williams (aka Stunna, Baby, Birdman) by a friend and neighbor, Magnolia Shorty, who was signed to Cash Money at the time. “I used to tell her, man, look, put me in the game, holla at Baby and them. I used to call that n**ga every day… if you got with Cash Money, dog, your life instantly changed.” When asked by DJ Scream what he could have done differently to keep things going, the ambitious entrepreneur responded, “I should have stayed with Cash Money!” Although Turk and the label had to settle some of their differences in court, he showed much respect and appreciation to Stunna and the team. Reiterating that he appreciated the industry titan for putting him on, he explained, “Even though there were some ups and downs, you’ll never hear me talk down because they gave me an opportunity that nobody ever gave me.” He also showed love to labelmate B.G. for holding him down while he served his prison bid.

Additionally, the husband and father of two spoke briefly on the details of nursing his wife back to health during her battle with breast cancer. He shared, “The same way she stayed down with me… I think me being supportive of her helped her get through that situation.” He spoke highly of his wife, expressing that he wouldn’t be where he is without her support and unconditional love.

The “Big Thuggin” podcast host mentioned that he recently interviewed Terrance “Gigidy Gangsta” Williams. Turk said he received a lot of backlash for the interview. Gangsta told on a few of his dead homies regarding murders that were committed to pardon the remainder of his life sentence. Turk insisted, “What another n**ga do in his free time ain’t got nothing to do with me… business is business.” The former Cash Money rapper showed respect for a man that is walking a different path like Gangsta, highlighting that he is on a new spiritual walk of Islamic faith, tapping into his personality and helping the youth. “I just mind my business and stay out of it… I don’t condone that s**t at all… but I got respect for him as a man.”

If anyone was wondering what Turk has been working on lately, just know he “got money now!” When he is not shopping his film, Reckless, or podcasting on “Big Thuggin,” he is teaching financial literacy on an app called Bigo. Lastly, he has a documentary on the way called 52 Bullets, referencing the 52 slugs shot at him by the SWAT team that raided his home in 2004.

If you liked the recap of this week’s “Big Facts,” make sure you stay tuned in for new episodes every week. Also, don’t forget to watch the latest show here.


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