Sukihana has never shied away from living in her truth and she doesn’t plan to anytime soon.

REVOLT caught up with the entertainer following her first REVOLT Summit x AT&T experience and she explained why it has always been important for her to show up authentically no matter the space. “I take pride and people love me for who I am,” Suki said. “I don’t want you to love me for something that I’m not because one day the true colors are gonna show up and you might not f**k with me. So, I just want to be apologetically Sukihana and who the f**k I am.”

The star further shared that just by simply doing her, the world is falling in love along the way. “I realized the whole world loves me,” she expressed. “I’ve always been scared. You know, that people might think I’m too ghetto or different things like that, but when I came out, I said… ‘This is who I am. B**ch I got ADHD, I got all these kids. I’m from the hood and b**ch I’m rich.'”

Sukihana also aims to inspire the next generation of dark-skinned Black women, and wants to work to combat colorism. “I know I’m gonna open doors for a lot of Black women and dark-skinned women and everyone’s my sister — light skinned, dark skinned — we all go through colorism. But, it’s a door that I’m trying to open for women that are my complexion, as well. I feel like it’s gonna be hard, but I’m excited because I know God has a purpose for me.”

The “Throw That Thang” emcee is all about sisterhood as she looks ahead to the future and says her first REVOLT Summit experience was filled with ” a lot of love and support.”