Lil Baby's new album, Ne-Yo talks Naya Rivera, Marlon Wayans gets deep, the Emmett Till movie & more


Lil Baby's new album, Ne-Yo talks Naya Rivera, Marlon Wayans gets deep, the Emmett Till movie & more


“REVOLT Black News Weekly” aired on Friday (Oct. 14) to discuss the meaning of reverse racism, inhumane conditions in U.S. prisons, and Netflix’s The Curse of Bridge Hollow starring Marlon Wayans and Kelly Rowland. REVOLT Special Correspondent Rochelle Ritchie led the episode. She was joined by inmate Kastellio Vaughan’s sister Kassie Vaughan; Kastellio’s attorney Lee Merrit, Esq.; educator The Conscious Lee; and the director of diversity and engagement at the Indiana Republican Party, Whitley Yates. REVOLT Entertainment Correspondent Kennedy Rue McCullough also brought viewers the latest in celebrity news, during which she interviewed Wayans about his new role in the Netflix Halloween film.

Ritchie opened the episode by spotlighting the case of Kastellio, a 32-year-old Alabama inmate whose images have circulated on social media showing him in poor health. His family has asked the public to share the disturbing photos in hopes of getting him proper medical aid. Glenn E. Martin, president and founder of, a social justice consultancy firm, spoke to REVOLT and recalled, “When I saw the photos, the first thing I thought was that it’s important that his case is being highlighted.”

He added, “But, his case represents so many hundreds, if not thousands, of others who are not receiving care in our prisons.” Ritchie held a roundtable discussion with Kassie and Merrit to dig deeper into Kastellio’s case. Kassie stated she and her family were in “disbelief” when they saw photos of her brother’s condition. “When we first [saw] the pictures, we were [in] disbelief because we couldn’t believe that another human being would allow someone to get in this condition without them getting any medical help,” she voiced. “Him being our loved one, we’ve never seen him in that condition and it really just hurt us.”

Merrit revealed, “The Alabama Prison Authority, the Department of Corrections has been doing everything that they can to keep [Kastellio] out of the public to try to sort of bury this story.”

Later in the show, McCullough hosted her “Entertainment Remix” segment, during which she interviewed Wayans about his newly released Netflix film The Curse of Bridge Hollow, which began streaming on Oct. 14. Wayans disclosed to REVOLT that he participated in this latest film because he wanted to pursue a family-friendly storyline for his children. “For years, I’ve done these Halloween movies, Halloween comedies that were just so raunchy and so wild and full of body parts and liquids and fluids and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m a dad and I want to do a Halloween movie for my kids,’” he shared.

During her segment, McCullough also interviewed actor Jalyn Hall, the star of Till, an American tragedy that recounts the 1955 story of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old boy who was lynched in Mississippi after being accused of inappropriate behavior toward a white woman named Carolyn Bryant. “The story of Emmett Till was kind of told to me as a means to prevent anything like that from ever happening to me,” Hall remarked. He added that he hopes young people who watch the film “are inspired or changed in ways that” have a lasting impact.

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