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  /  10.13.2022

Coach Stormy has revealed her intentions behind the low vibrational plate debacle. The self-proclaimed life coach says that it was all a marketing ploy.

“First of all, when I finished filming that, y’all gotta remember that wasn’t a mistake. I knew it was going to come across [as] controversial,” she shared during an interview with FOX Soul on Thursday (Oct. 13). “I call myself the queen of controversy. I’m just that girl and literally when we finished, I said, ‘That’s going to go viral.’ I knew it.” The video in question is a clip where Coach Stormy told a woman that the food on her plate was “low vibrational.” The interaction sent social media in a frenzy.

She added, “[I knew] everybody was going to pick that video apart and I’m grateful for Tammy’s response because if she would not have responded humbly I don’t [think] this would have went across like it did.” In fact, Coach Stormy says that the now-viral clip did exactly what she intended it to do. “You got young ladies saying I’m a queen [and] not to put all that food on your plate,” she shared. “You got people saying, ‘Hey, I don’t want to eat low vibrational plates. You got more people [being] conscious of what they’re eating…even me. I’ve literally been plant-based for the last week.”

This isn’t Coach Stormy’s first rodeo with being the subject of criticism. She recalled a 2020 incident that left her feeling low. “You got to remember, in January of 2020, I was cancelled because I said something at the wrong time about something I was not aware of and it caused me to go in a very, very dark place. I couldn’t handle the public scrutiny.” After the experience, which she revealed was life-changing, Coach Stormy says that her skin is much thicker. “After experiencing that, my ability to deal with public scrutiny became strong. I saw what people were going crazy about and I’m a businesswoman. I’m gonna turn every obstacle into an opportunity.”

Watch Coach Stormy explain the marketing plan behind her low vibrational plate controversy below.


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