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“Black Girl Stuff” returned this week, and the all-new episode was packed with tons to talk about. Hosts Akilah Ffriend, Brii Renee, Demetria Obilor, and Tori Brixx kicked it off with a discussion about the dynamic of opposite-sex friends while being in a relationship. Then, the girls dove into a deep conversation on the value of fatherhood in today’s society. Rapper Karlae and YouTube star Ti Taylor also joined the panel and, of course, the hosts picked their two BG Bosses of the week. As always, you can catch “Black Girl Stuff” every Tuesday on REVOLT at 9 p.m. ET as well as every Wednesday on our website, YouTube channel, and app. Watch the latest episode here.

1. Friends Without Benefits?

Twitter user @lola_n_stitch recently went viral for a tweet she posted on Sept. 18. In it, she spoke about how she intentionally changes her friendships with men when they get into relationships: “When my male friends get into a relationship, I really alter the friendship dynamic. I do it because I love and respect my friend and respect their partner, too. I’d hate to be the friend that makes his lady feel weird and/or insecure for no reason. I text and call less, too.” Her tweet sparked a heated debate on the social media platform with many users strongly disagreeing with her choices. The hosts chimed in with their own opinions on the debate. Renee kicked it off with, “I think it depends on the dynamic y’all had already … I grew up with a lot of male friends. I’m a tomboy, you know a guy’s girl kind of friend, so I feel like there are guys I would call in the middle of the night, and I know they would pick up if I need them. But, if they got a girl, I’m not going to call them like that. I don’t even want her mind to wander.” While there were tons of comments expressing similar thinking, there were just as many who disagreed.

2. Thinking Ahead 

Although it would be nice to, we don’t get to choose our family. In today’s times, with more women choosing to pursue single motherhood versus striving for a more traditional two-parent household, the value of fatherhood has come into question. Obilor, who grew up with her father present in the house and in her life, talked about what it means in her eyes, saying, “I think the value of fatherhood is tangible, really measurable. I mean, there have been studies that show when you do not have a father, it can affect your social, mental, and emotional development as a child. And that’s not to say that everybody’s stunted if you didn’t have a dad, that’s not to say that. But there is a true value to having a man in your life and guiding you.” On the other hand, Ffriend, who recently just began seeing the value of fatherhood, views it all a bit differently. “I think oftentimes when we hear about fatherhood and its importance, the way I view it is, it’s important [when] growing up sons, young men, and future fathers, but for me … I just honestly don’t see that value outside of an additional person to help in that village, an additional monetary income, and what have you. It took me a while to even picture myself with a father figure for my children,” she admitted.

3. Karlae Keeps it Real

Rapper Jerrika Karlae, better known by just Karlae, joined the “BGS” panel to talk a bit about everything she has going on. As many know, she is the ex-girlfriend of Young Thug, who is currently incarcerated. When asked about how his legal troubles affected her, she said, “I would say I was affected a lot because, for example, I had just put my project out and they were going through it like, ‘Take these words out’ and I was like, ‘Hold up.’ I caught the drift of everything that was going on with him and stuff like that. Two, it’s messed up to see my people and my team go through it. We’ve just kind of been on the brink of such good things … so it’s just like a setback for now.” Karlae also emphasized her stance that lyrics should never be allowed as evidence in court (as they have been in Thugger’s case).

When asked about why she and Young Thug broke up, she admitted, “We just kind of mutually agreed to be, like, partners and family, and I feel like I needed and we both needed to focus on ourselves before it was like, ‘Bruh, this is getting too toxic.’ Our relationship is so good being how we are now … I know myself as a woman.” While talking about the state of female rap right now, Karlae said she feels there’s still work to be done: “I feel like, you know, we’re definitely supporting each other as female artists, but I wish we could kind of clique up like the males do in hip hop.” Karlae’s latest mixtape, ENTER, is out on all streaming platforms.

4. Ti Taylor Hops in the Hot Seat

Ti Taylor, the YouTube sensation with millions of views on her channel, joined the “BGS” panel to talk about some of her viral videos and more. One of her most recent videos was a hot topic because in it, she was encouraging her younger sister to not attend college. Even though many users online felt as if she was doing her sister a disservice, Taylor told the hosts, “I just feel like even to this day, my parents, they went to college, what are they doing? They’re not using anything that they went to college for. My family was built to be entrepreneurs and a lot of people when they go to college, especially what she’s going for, they’re going to college to get connections. She already has connections, she’s already in front of the people, she’s already got the platform, she’s already got the backing, so it’s just like are you going there just to say you did it?” Her YouTube channel, Taylor Girlz, has over 2.28 million subscribers, and her videos have racked up over 480 million views. Not only does she have a successful social media career, but she’s also been releasing music since 2016, and her music has garnered millions of streams across all platforms.

5. New Beginnings and CultureCon

Most fans know Mya for her hit singles like “Case of the Ex” and “Fallen.” While she hasn’t been super active in the music industry lately, she’s definitely still out here doing her thing. The R&B star was just named the first U.S. Ambassador for World Animal Protection. Mya’s philanthropic efforts are a huge part of what she does now — she’s held several fundraisers to raise money for the homeless and LGBTQ+ community and has done work for PETA as well. All of the above is why she’s one of the BG Bosses of the Week!

Imani Ellis is the CEO and founder of CultureCon, a collaborative event dedicated to creatives of color. The conference focuses on building businesses, innovation, and creative collaboration. CultureCon has been recognized by Forbes, and Ellis’ work with the event has inspired many. She began her career as a page for NBC and in less than 10 years, the young changemaker has done so much more. She’s the definition of a BG Boss! 


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