A Detroit man suffering from a mental health crisis was fatally shot by police early Sunday (Oct. 2).

WDIV-TV reporter Megan Woods said officers responded to a call about a man wielding a knife amid a mental break at an apartment complex on the city’s Westside.

According to The Detroit News, officers canvassed the area until locating the unidentified man near the intersection of Lyndon and Snowden streets. The officers attempted to apprehend him, but their attempts were met with resistance. As a result, officers deployed tasers that seemingly had little to no effect and ultimately led to the fatal shooting.

Detroit Police Chief James White said multiple officers fired shots after perceiving the 22-year-old as a threat. “My condolences to the suspect’s family. Any time the department has to use fatal force, that’s not our desired outcome,” said White.

While an investigation into the shooting is ongoing, White added that the department intends to be transparent when releasing new information. “We’re looking at all aspects of the investigation, including body-worn cameras and talking to witnesses,” he said. See the reporter’s footage from the scene in the tweet below.

Since 2020, protesters across the country have demanded police reform. One of the changes people hope to see is improved police tactics when dealing with individuals dealing with mental health issues. A suggested solution includes dispatching social workers to those calls. In an episode of the ACLU’s podcast “At Liberty,” host Molly Kaplan discussed the issue at length.

Kaplan said that studies show “that nearly 50 percent of police victims are living with a disability, predominantly a mental health disability. In many ways, 911 has become the only option for people looking for mental health crisis intervention. And police often arrive at the scene armed with deadly weapons and a lack of mental health training. The results are devastating.”

View the latest report on the tragic shooting below.