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  /  09.20.2022

The latest TikTok sensation may be yet another example of clout chasing at its finest.

A user by the name of BrittBarbie3 has managed to draw in millions of views on her infamous “Period Ahh” video with some celebrities even remixing her track with their own interesting spin. After being accused of using a fake “blaccent” and mocking Black culture, fellow TikTokers are now suggesting that the social media user went as far as using slurred speech to fake a disability.

“She pretends nowadays that she has some type of disability, or fakes as if she does,” said a user under the JerseyBoyDrew handle, while also showcasing an assortment of videos that reflect BrittBarbie’s change in speech upon going viral. “It gets me so mad because I have a disability. I have functional autism. So for her, and other people like her on this app, to do this for gifts, money, views, and followers, is crazy to me.”

@jerseyboydrew Replying to @morgs870 #foryou #fyp #brittbarbie #brittbarbie3 #developmentaldisabilities #ableism #ableist #dobetter #disabledpeoplematter #disabledpeoplearepeople #periodahh #perioduhh ♬ original sound – KING 🏳️‍⚧️

Another person made a video comparing old videos of BrittBarbie speaking clearly in older clips, but making changes to her speech in a later post shared to TikTok. “Disability awareness isn’t a joke #brittbarbie3 you’re wrong for this,” said someone else in a caption. “Listen how her voice and accent is at the beginning versus now. She’s playing into this and it’s sick.”

Although some people have reposted the viral video, a lot of people have gone to Twitter to express their disdain with the content. “When ya’ll laugh that ‘Period Ahh’ girl straight into a career like Bhad Bhabie, I don’t wanna hear it,” said one person. Another added, “Period ahh trending, like, ya’ll really cosign these people making a mockery of our culture. We literally never learn.”

As mentioned earlier, quite a few celebrities have remixed the viral clip, but others are not here for the shenanigans. When asked to join in on the antics, “Caresha Please” star Yung Miami responded by saying, “No, I hate that trend and don’t think it’s funny either.”


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