Photo: Quincy Brown’s “Jetty” music video screenshot
  /  09.17.2022

Recording artist and actor Quincy Brown just dropped a music video for a track that’s perfect for any weekend turn up. On Saturday (Sept. 17) night, the star released his visual for “JETTY.”

In it, Q is rockin’ a purple and white fit — with a car to match — while spittin’ about living his best life that includes everything from his money moves to rolling up some good weed and vibin’ out with the right one. He raps:

Power Book III” yeah I’m new to the scene/ Got my plan A through to the Z/ And when the s**t hit the fan just call that man, that’s me, that’s Q to the B/ Imma send you my PayPal/ Don’t wanna be your penpal/ Never heard of me?/ Ever see a candle in the rain?/ Means I been out.

Tryna cop a house, still rent out/ I stayed home, my girl went out/ I’m lovin’ your PH girl girl girl girl no not your penthouse/ Where we goin’?/ With the flow and… long as we smokin’/ Yeah yeah, just say you ready/ Then it’s a betty/ Meet me at the jetty

Speaking about the track’s inspiration, Quincy told REVOLT: “Un-expect the unexpected. I am always inspired by seeking difference and displaying a different perspective. When most people hear ‘JETTY,’ they may think that’s slang for a private jet. What I’m really talking about in the song is to meet me at an actual jetty.” Hence, the setting of the music video…

Though his “JETTY” lyrics aren’t about flying off to somewhere exotic, after all, don’t get it twisted. Q loves an adventure. In an interview with PopSugar last year, Quincy revealed the best vacation he’s ever had.

“Best trip I’ve ever been on had to be my first trip to Japan. I’m not too sure what year it was, I want to say 2014, it was with my mom [Kim Porter]. It was a trip I’d been trying to take for like five years, and really, really planned for it,” he said. “It literally over-exceeded any of my expectations of what I thought Japan would be…Then if you want to talk about vacation vacation, we’re talking about Mykonos, Greece.”

Watch the “JETTY” music video below!



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