Iesha Jackson of El Dorado, Arkansas has been missing since Nov. 4, 2020. There are mysterious circumstances surrounding her case. Shortly after her disappearance, authorities revealed two break-ins happened at her home in one week.

When authorities arrived at her residence, they discovered her cell phone was still present, and the front door was left open. An article published in 2021 by put Jackson at 23 years old that year. The El Dorado Crime Stoppers offered a $3,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who may have had anything to do with her disappearance.

Captain Scott Harwell of the El Dorado Police Department released a statement asking for information on her whereabouts. “What we need at this time is for people to come forward and tell us what they know. People don’t want to get involved. People are scared of retaliation, but there are people out there that have information on this case,” he shared.

According to a December 2020 news report from local station NBC 10, Jackson’s ex-boyfriend Semajee Dismuke was arrested in connection to her disappearance. He was released after officials could not gather enough evidence within their allotted time frame. Dismuke’s defense attorney argued that formal charges weren’t filed within 60 days and officials did not want to risk having evidence tossed out.

“In order to formally charge, you have to know that you have enough to go forward with the case. If you charge someone and they are found not guilty, they can’t be charged again. If six months down the line we got the results on the evidence that we needed, we couldn’t go back and charge him again,” Harwell said.

He added, “We have collected a ton of evidence which has to be processed. All of that is at the lab now. They did place a rush on this case for some of the processing, so, hopefully in the near future, we will have answers to all of that.” A second suspect, 46-year-old Kenneth Lee, was charged with extortion after allegedly soliciting $8,000 from her family for information on Jackson’s whereabouts. The case is still ongoing; tweets calling for information were posted as recently as yesterday (Sept. 14).