Back in May, Ibeyi released their third studio LP Spell 31, which contained 10 songs and additional features from Pa Salieu, Jorja Smith, and Berwyn. Earlier this week (Sept. 12), the duo made an appearance on “COLORS” to unveil the new single “Juice of Mandarins,” a Richard Russell-produced offering that, as they explained on social media, “describes the ecstasy of falling in love”:

“My love for you, my love for you ain’t quiet, you are the thunder, thunder in my planet, you mark my body, bruise all over my skin, our lips sharin’ the juice of mandarins, and in the house, in the house on the hill, I’m fascinated by how you make me feel, she breathes out and I exhale in, and now I’m high…”

In addition to the performance, Ibeyi — consisting of sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz — sat down with “COLORS” to speak on a variety of topics, including the origin of their band name:

“Well, Ibeyi means twins in Yoruba, which is a religion and a culture and a language from Nigeria and Benin. Why we chose this name, because we’re twins, so you know, it was really kind of easy, and because we’re French-Cuban and, you know, in Cuba, the culture, we have a lot of Yoruba culture in Cuba. So it made sense.”

They also opened up about some of their earliest musical influences:

“Well, we grew up in a really musical family. Our dad [Cuban legend Angá Díaz] was a master in his art, really good musician, part of Buena Vista Social Club, and played with a bunch of other artists. So music was part of our lives all the time. And our mom always loved music. We were listening to a lot of [types] of music, you know.”

Check out Ibeyi’s appearance on “COLORS” below.