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  /  09.10.2022

A Texas mother is outraged after learning that injuries her 5-year-old son sustained at school may have been caused by a teacher’s aide. Denise Sonnier said she received a call from the school nurse informing her that her son, Cameron, had scratched his neck earlier this month. 

The concerned mother later learned that the minor injury allegedly occurred under deplorable circumstances. “She said Cameron had a scratch on his neck and she was going to clean it up because the skin had been broken. It was like a nail print, like a rounding of a nail,” Denise told KTHX. 

Her son attends kindergarten at Beatrice Mayes Institute in Houston. Denise recalled that her son made recent remarks about a teacher, but at the time she did not think much of his complaints. However, when he returned home on Sept. 2, he told his mother that a teacher choked him after denying him access to the restroom.   

“He said he didn’t want to pee himself and he ran out of the classroom to use the restroom. That’s how she ended up coming in the restroom and choked him,” she said. The previous day, Cameron came home with “sores and scratches behind his ear.” It was then that Denise concluded the teacher’s aide in her son’s classroom was the teacher he had been complaining about, and likely the person causing harm to her son. “He had been coming home saying, ‘That teacher, that teacher,’” she recalled.

Denise notified the school of the incident and her suspicions. “We are aware of this parent’s allegations against our school employee. Because this is a student matter, I am bound by law not to reveal any confidential information about the student or the specific details at this time,” said school superintendent Christopher Hayes. He also shared that the aide was placed on paid administrative leave as the matter was being investigated. 

Denise has filed a police report, and said she plans to remove Cameron and his twin sister from the school. “Why would you choke a baby?” she asked while holding back tears. She added, “I feel like that teacher should be put in jail. She assaulted him.”  Hear the mother’s account of what happened to her son for yourself in the video below.


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