Florida police arrested 21-year-old Matthew Manuel Ferro after he was accused of threatening to rape his Uber driver. The incident happened early yesterday (Sept. 5) morning, according to local news station WPLG 10.

As the Uber driver picked him up in Cutler Bay and drove him to his South Miami home, Ferro reportedly exposed himself to the woman. An arrest affidavit states that the 21-year-old began removing his clothing and touching himself. Next, he asked his driver to touch him. When the woman refused, Ferro allegedly forced her to make physical contact with his penis. Once the woman fought back and threatened to call 911, the passenger became more aggressive.

According to reports, Ferro attempted to hit the woman and take her phone away “by force.” The unidentified Uber driver said his actions frightened her and she felt “imprisoned” in the vehicle with him. The woman pulled the car over at Southwest 67th Avenue and 106th Street and tried to escape. During this time, Ferro supposedly told the driver “that he was going to rape her” and “that he was going to kill her.”

He then began putting his clothing back on. Investigators say he forgot his underwear at the scene. The woman hurried back into her car as Ferro tried to get back in. Officers from the Pinecrest Police Department soon arrived and searched the area. Around 4 a.m., Ferro was located near Southwest 67th Avenue and 117th Street.

Ferro told authorities that “he was [taking] drugs” and “did not remember anything,” as stated in documents. Despite leaving clothing at the scene, he told police that they “didn’t have any evidence” on him. In his mugshot, there is blood on his forehead and a fresh cut under his eye. He was taken to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

As a result the incident with the Uber driver, Ferro faces four felony charges, including attempted sexual battery, attempted kidnapping, strong-arm robbery and battery with a prior conviction. Reports show he has a history of prior offenses as well.