Parents of students at a Pennsylvania high school are not pleased with the fact that the school was accidentally sent a box of guns due to a delivery address mix-up, Newsweek reports.

The military-style weapons were initially ordered by a gun collector, however, when a FedEx driver misread the delivery box, the contents of the package wound up at Chester High School on Friday (Aug. 19). “We deeply regret this happened and take this very seriously,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We have fully cooperated with investigating authorities to resolve this matter. We appreciate Chester High School and local authorities working with us to quickly retrieve the shipment. We immediately conducted a review of the situation and are addressing the matter internally.”

After the mistake, the delivery driver returned to receive the package, but due to protocol, the guns discovered on school grounds were immediately confiscated. Chester Upland School District Superintendent Dr. Craig Parkinson said the company’s employee was “visibly concerned” and “very professional” and apologetic after realizing he had made a mistake. “It really was just an honest mistake,” Dr. Parkinson explained. “The addresses are very similar.”

The address of the auto repair shop where the rifles were meant to be delivered is West 9th Street in Chester Township. Chester High School is located on West 9th Street in the city of Chester. While the school realizes that this was an honest mistake, parents and residents were not pleased following news of the incident. One parent took to Twitter to say that “there’s enough gun violence in Philadelphia,” while also noting that the city doesn’t need “these kinds of mishaps.”

Another Twitter user questioned why someone would need to order that many guns. “What person needs 30 rifles at once, little too much maybe,” the person expressed. Police have confirmed that the original buyer did have a legal permit with no known criminal intent.