/  07.13.2022

Styles P was filmed intervening in the forceful arrest of an unarmed Black woman outside his Juices for Life health store in Yonkers on Tuesday (July 11). The video — originally shared on TikTok — shows two officers pinning a woman down to the ground. “You’re under arrest,” one of the officers is heard yelling as he roughly handcuffs the unnamed woman. The cameraperson notified officers, “I’m recording,” as she quickly moved closer to the altercation to get a better view.

She is momentarily joined by Styles P, who advised her to “keep recording” and told the other woman getting detained to “loosen up” to avoid injury. The LOX rapper stepped closer and called one of the officers a “whole bitch” during the incident. That remark must’ve ruffled the officers’ feathers because he stood up to speak to Styles face-to-face.

“I’mma back up. Don’t touch me,” he said, raising his hands as one of the officers approached him and urged him to back up. The “Money, Power, Respect” rapper told the officer, “No, you need to back up!” before telling the cameraperson, “Keep recording me!” Styles continued criticizing the officers for the forceful arrest: “Your partner is a bitch! You slammed a girl! For no reason. After she’s on the floor and you standing over there with your hand on your gun the whole time!” The officer eventually got tight-lipped as Styles continued to drag him and his partner: “You’re not from here! You’re from a white neighborhood and you’re scared of Black people!”

It’s unclear how things escalated to this point, but the cameraperson suggests the officers recently tried to detain another unarmed woman forcefully. The legendary New York native’s actions received much praise on social media, but he hopped on an Instagram Live to address the situation. “Now, look. On behalf of all young black people who seen the video, I was wrong because you have to be careful with what you do and how you speak out here because we’re all at danger,” he said. “But we also gotta kinda step up when we see shit being done wrong.

Styles P continued, “I definitely should’ve delegated it better, and usually, I actually do delegate it better. To be honest with you, I go through that a lot, but most of the time, it turns out in a positive manner, so there’s never going to be footage of it.”


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