/  06.02.2022

Black Music Month is upon us. The month-long celebration honors the contributions of Black songwriters, singers, composers, musicians and the overall impact that the Black community has had across culture and all musical genres for centuries. From rock & roll to folk music to reggaetón (to only name a few), what each of these have in common is that they are Black-rooted genres that, through the years, lost the history of how and where they originated. Black Music Month goes beyond just celebrating the artists who have pioneered and developed the sounds that the culture loves today — it’s also a reminder of the importance of centering Black artists beyond the month of June. 2022 makes 43 years since President Jimmy Carter implemented the celebration of Black Music Month on June 7, 1979. Black Music Month would go on to be remembered every June from that year on. 

Ahead of the celebration, Xfinity is partnering with REVOLT’s internal creative agency #000000 to bring you the “The Link Up,” a visual and musical performance series that will bring together different Black artists from all over the United States to build an unforgettable production and experience. Each artist is set to perform in separate spaces (each room having its own color hue to compliment the color composition), but through Xfinity’s high-speed connection they will be joined together. This partnership between Xfinity and REVOLT will honor Black Music Month with a modern twist while also uplifting the Black community that has been pivotal in establishing what music culture is today. The concept is to take the performers and audience through an experience connected by scenes and united by music. Behind-the-scenes access will also be available for viewers so they can learn what it took to generate the production, along with talent interviews, and more information about the production and concept from the director, art director, and creative director. 

All three special performances will feature the 2022 Grammy Awards winner for Best Progressive R&B Album, Lucky Daye, along with six other musical accompaniments. Those involved are Grammy-nominated harpist Brandee Younger, Los Angeles ballet soloist Jasmine Perry, saxophonist Imani Lauren, Memphis-based dancer Dance Beast Elise, and violinist Ezinma. The New Orleans singer-songwriter has had a breakout year with his award-winning sophomore album Candy Drip and continues to thrive as he embarks on the next chapter of his musical journey. You can experience the upcoming performances, powered by REVOLT’s content agency #000000, here on June 13. 


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