Saweetie opened up about her plans for her ICY Baby Foundation in a new interview with Glamour Magazine.

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, the cover star told the outlet that she launched the nonprofit organization last year because she said she “was tired of giving away a lot of money to other foundations, not knowing what they did with the money.”

With her grandmother, Roxanne Glass, at the helm, Saweetie said that the first order of business is teaching financial literacy to Black, brown, and other underserved students.

“As a kid, I watched my grandma give back, I watched her go to high schools, I watched her go to other churches, I watched her go to other people’s homes, praying for them, giving to them,” she told the outlet. “Uplifting those who look like me has been important all of my life, since I was a little girl. Because I would be right there next to my grandma helping other people.”

She decided to help others learn about money and how to manage it because she still struggles with keeping her own finances in order.

“I need help my damn self,” she said. “Just putting money in the savings account is not enough – especially not enough to create generational wealth for you, your family or your kids. It’s important that we educate these young kids so that it’s something that’s instilled into their minds, so it’s not something that they’re trying to figure out as an adult.”

Saweetie’s ICY Baby Foundation will also venture into entrepreneurship lessons, and technology training, according to the nonprofit’s website.

“Additionally, we find it equally important to support health initiatives and offer disaster relief in times of need,” the site states. “ICY Baby Foundation is building the next generation of black and brown youth as diverse entrepreneurs and college educated leaders in their communities through inclusive capitalism and positive mindset training.”