Just last night (May 19), Doja Cat took to twitter to provide important updates for her fans in regards to some serious throat-related complications. After her tonsils got infected, she had to undergo surgery to remove an abscess and is now recovering from the pain. She made sure to provide some details about what led up to this point.

“Dr. just had to cut into my left tonsil. I had an abscess in it. My whole throat is fucked so I might have some bad news for y’all coming soon,” the singer tweeted Thursday.

Doja also shared that the infection was present before she made her appearance at the Billboard Music Awards this past weekend, but the situation unfortunately escalated because of drinking and vaping: “Nah so my tonsils got infected before BBMA’s and I was taking fuckin’ antibiotics but forgot that I was taking them and then I drank wine and was vaping all day long and then I started getting a nasty ass growth on my tonsil so they had to do surgery on it today.”

Amidst all the positive “get well soon” wishes, certain fans were also quick to point out Doja Cat’s well-documented habit of vaping. She addressed it and said she hopes her current break from vaping will help her no longer have it in her daily routine. “I’m quitting the vape for a while and hopefully I don’t crave it anymore after that,” she responded to a fan who tweeted her about it.

Then, fans were urging Doja Cat to throw her vape away, but she said it’s not that simple. “FOH with that ‘THROW IT AWAY THEN QUEEN’ shit,” she types. “That doesn’t help anybody and it just sounds condescending to anybody who’s actually struggling with nicotine addiction. I’ve tried all that throw it away shit before. Doesn’t work.”

Be sure to check out the full series of tweets from Doja Cat below.