/  05.13.2022

Today (May 13), Leikeli47 unveils her third studio LP Shape Up, a conceptual continuation of previous releases — including the albums Wash & Set and Acrylic. This project comes with 14 dope cuts and a single collaboration alongside Miss J Alexander on the standout “Jay Walk.”

Shape Up was preceded by the singles “Chitty Bang” and “LL Cool J” (or “Ladies Love Cool Jewelry”), the latter of which is produced by BAH and Michael Barney and sees Leikeli47 rapping about an encounter with an individual who became smitten with her:

I was on my way to work when I seen this boy lookin’ at me, tried to look away but shit, he already trapped me, so we greeted each other, as-salamu alaykum, told him, my name was … said his name was Jacob, see I got a lil’ weakness for them boy in the rough, it’s something ’bout pressure that’ll make a nigga tough, then he gave me his number but I didn’t take it, bossed up and gave him mines with no hesitation, now he already talking ’bout marryin’ me…”

“LL Cool J” also came with a matching black-and-white visual that sees some fly ladies vibing to the music and breaking out into dance moves before virtual diamonds appear to close out the show.

In a past interview with REVOLT, tour manager Paul Anthony Ashby spoke on what makes Leikeli47 one of the dopest performers out:

“People think with the mask that she doesn’t have a personality, but Leikeli has one of the biggest personalities of anyone I’ve met in life. The way she is onstage, how she dances and interacts with the crowd, is exactly who she is off the stage. … She was like, ‘I want my fans to have this. I want my fans to have options. I want them to really be engaged with my show.'”

Enjoy Shape Up and, for those who missed it, the aforementioned video for “LL Cool J” below.