Another investigation has been launched by the University of Massachusetts Amherst after yet another racist email has been sent to Black students and organizations across the university’s campus.

Sent on Tuesday (May 3), the email called Black students “animals.” It also shamed the initial investigation surrounding a very similar email that was sent out during the fall semester.

“It’s funny how the ‘investigation’ into our group went nowhere. Wonder why? It’s because we are the police, we are in the administration…,” read the email.

The sender of the email was called a “coward” by UMass Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy who reiterated that both incidents are currently being investigated.

“I realize how frustrating the slow progress of the investigation is and how profoundly disturbing it is that our Black students have been targeted again. I am angry and frustrated as well,” said Subbaswamy in an official statement. “I will thoroughly assess the status of our investigation and will inquire with law enforcement agencies to make sure that we are doing everything possible to bring the perpetrator of these hateful acts to justice.”

Further details in the racist email include claims that a group of people, said to be involved in both scenarios, were able to throw off the investigation by sending “dummy data” to forensic investigators. It also stated that the group has law enforcement connections.

Those claims have be refuted by Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan. He also said that the email was “inflammatory” and meant to “sow discord and division” on campus.

“The Northwestern District Attorney’s Office is an active partner with the UMass Police Department on this investigation, which has been, and will continue to be, comprehensive and thorough as we follow the facts wherever they lead,” he said.

If the sender is a student or employee of the university, Subbaswamy notes that they will face “severe university sanctions” which include expulsion or employment termination.