Sunday (May 1) is Gianna “Gigi” Bryant’s birthday. The rising basketball star, and daughter of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, would’ve turned 16 years old today. However, her life was cut short in a tragic helicopter crash in January of 2020.

Vanessa Bryant continues to honor her daughter, and her husband, in several ways.

She recently announced that the Mambacita apparel she released in collaboration with Dannijo has been restocked. Proceeds from sales will go to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.

In addition to the limited edition clothing collection she helped design, Vanessa has also teamed up with Nike to release the Kobe 6 Protro “Mambacita Sweet 16.” They come in a black, white, and metallic gold colorway and are equipped with a snakeskin texture along the upper part of the shoe. There’s also a snakeskin print on the inner lining as well.

Gig’s jersey number “2” is pressed onto the side of the shoe, while the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation logo can be found on the heels. The left sneaker bears her father’s name “Kobe” above the logo, while the right shoe has “Gigi” printed on it. The insoles have “Mambacita” written on them above a halo and angel wings around Gigi’s number “2.

“I’m so happy with the way these Mambacita shoes came out in honor of my daughter Gigi,” Vanessa wrote via Instagram. “Thank you @nike #Mambacita #2 #Forever.”

The Kobe 6 Protro “Mambacita Sweet 16” were released Sunday (May 1) via Nike’s Snkrs app for $180. Vanessa also took to Instagram to share a heartfelt letter she wrote for Gigi. The video is similar to Kobe’s Academy Award-winning “Dear Basketball” animated film. Vanessa’s version is called “Dear Gianna.”

Vanessa reads the letter aloud: “Dear Gianna, From the first time you imagined winning a WNBA championship, I knew one thing was real, you were special. You came from greatness. But it was never about what you inherited. It was about what you gave to others. When someone stands up for gender equality, I see you fighting alongside them. And every time someone plays her hardest, I know that’s you on the court. I love you always, Basketball.”

Rest In Peace, Gigi Bryant. Check out the Mambacita apparel, the Kobe 6 Protro’s, and Vanessa’s “Dear Gianna” video below: