Today (April 22), Logic makes a big return with not one, but two new singles for his fans to enjoy. The first is the 6ix-produced “Decades,” which sees him giving thanks to his higher power for his success while acknowledging the bleaker realities that many others continue to endure:

“I just wanna thank God for the life that I got, seen a lot of pain, yeah, I seen a lot, coulda copped that Lamborghini off the lot, but money isn’t everything, money isn’t the reason that I sing, I got a lot of chains, got a lot of bling, but money isn’t everything, no, money isn’t everything, I just wanna thank God for the life that I got…”

Also produced by 6ix comes “Tetris,” a more boastful number that’s full of the rewind-worthy lyricism that’s made Logic one of the biggest stars of his generation:

“Even if you knew the whole clan, couldn’t protect this, don’t deflect it, you motherfuckers is defective, so get back on that assembly line, I’m schooling these emcees with assembly rhymes, I’ll bе goated by the end of my timе, more tracks than Amtrak by the end of the line, I’m harder to find, Maryland state of mind, from the womb to the prime, in my room with a pen and a pad and mad lines…”

Unfortunately, it would appear as if the release of these songs didn’t arrive without some issue with the label. Yesterday, Logic took to Instagram to express his frustration with Def Jam in regards to liberating “Tetris” and “Decades” as separate singles (as opposed to a two-song EP of sorts). He also decided to drop off his official video for “Tetris” early, which he states was against Def Jam‘s wishes.

All-in-all, you can check out the new music — and the aforementioned post — below.