Today (April 21), a video showing boxing champ Mike Tyson viciously punching a fellow passenger on a Jet Blue flight began making its rounds on social media.

According to TMZ Sports, last night Tyson was leaving San Francisco International Airport and heading to Florida when the incident occurred. Sources close to the situation claim that the man on the receiving end of the beating was highly intoxicated and would not stop provoking the boxer.

Photos taken before the incident show a man standing in the aisle behind Tyson, posing for a picture as Tyson sits in front of him.

Witnesses say that the boxer was originally fine with the excited fan speaking to him and asking for a picture, but as time went on, the man would not stop leaning up in his seat to talk in Tyson’s ear.

Videos show the man repeatedly standing up in his seat, leaning over to talk to the champ. A person recording from a nearby seat seemed to be amused with the guy’s antics — but not Tyson.

After receiving a multitude of punches, the man was left with open wounds to his head. Reports say Tyson walked off of the flight shortly after. TMZ Sports claims that the man received medical treatment for his injuries and later headed to a police station to file a report.

A passenger who filmed the heated exchange was heard in one video saying, “My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson.” He continued, “Yeah, he got fucked up.”

In another video a concerned passenger walks up to seemingly break them up saying, “Hey hey hey. Hey Mike.”

Just last month, Tyson was enjoying a night out at a Hollywood comedy show when a fan began pestering the athlete. The man reportedly walked up to “Iron Mike” and asked to challenge him in a fight. After the comedian interjected, the man pulled a gun on the crowd. However, in this situation, Tyson calmly pulled the weapon from the man’s hands and consoled him with a hug.