Antonio Brown has made headlines for over the last few years for numerous things, including the now-infamous NFL field walk off, and this week he returns to the music scene with his freshly released Paradigm project. The new body of work spans 11 songs and includes some impressive names on the roster like Keyshia Cole, Young Thug, 42 Dugg, Jacquees, and more. He led the roll out with “Pit Not A Palace” back in January, which is a hard-hitting number that sees him rapping about his overall grind and the spoils and successes that have come as a result:

I’m from the pit not the palace, I’m kinda stylish, lifestyle lavish, jump in the coupe with no mileage, run it, style it, I’m from the pit not the palace, I gotta run it, style it, hit on the gas, make it growl it, jump in the coupe with no mileage, came from thе struggle/

I had to hustle, get it off thе muscle, this is no tussle, I don’t gotta touch you, I get the B, I make it bubble, this is tough, fresh out the pavement, they bring the pain, I bring the payment/ Throw in the hate, this an arraignment/ I told you from day one, this was gon’ be a tough move

AB also made sure to take a moment to delve into the meaning behind this project. “Paradigm, to me means, your total perspective,” he previously explained. “How you view the world, the lens through which you see everything. So a paradigm shift means a massive shift in how one sees everything. That’s what this album is about… It’s just about being a champion, overcoming adversity, persevering, and not letting people get in your head or dictate your position. Just being driven, being exciting, and being encouraging.”

Press play on Paradigm by Antonio Brown down below.