The streets have been burning with anticipation for this one thanks to a viral snippet courtesy of Sidetalk NYC’s infamous energy-filled platform. Today (April 15), Kay Flock puts his bid in for the song of the summer contender with his newly released “Shake It” record, which features assists from Dougie B, Bory300, and the one and only Cardi B. Over a sliced up sample of “Bananza (Belly Dancer)” by Akon, the Bronx queen makes her city proud:

Shorty be lookin’, think she got a crush I’m not a step up, bitch, I’m a stomper/ All of my opps get mixed with the grabba, broke bitch said she was gon’ touch me (Like, what?)/ She lyin’, hakuna matata all the bros know that I’m uppin’ that, full-form all the opps up in heaven, got room for ’em/ Everything dead, nothing is friendly up in my Prada, up in Balenci’

In the aforementioned viral Sidetalk NYC clip, the artists linked up to bring the true uptown energy together as Cardi gave her home borough its flowers: “Shoutout to the motherfucking Bronx. Y’all be playing with the Bronx but let me tell you something, these Bronx n***as right now got all the views beating all y’all n***as on YouTube. Deadass. And we up. What the fuck is you talking about?”

Kay Flock rose to popularity within the last few years thanks to a slew of visuals that garnered several million views each. These cuts include videos for “Is Ya Ready,” “T Cardi,” and “PSA.” Most recently, he dropped off his The D.O.A. Tape, which included appearances from names like G Herbo, Dougie, B-Lovee, Lil Skrap 1090, and Justo B.

Be sure to press play on the brand new “Shake It” track by Kay Flock, Dougie B, Bory300, and Cardi B down below.